Takeuchi TL8R2 is a winner for hire company

Originally a contracting company, iHIRE2U has transitioned over the years to become an equipment hire operation that hires a comprehensive range of equipment to local landholders and businesses involved in construction, landscape work, plumbing and other trades.

Owner Mat Jones said, “Many tradies and property owners in the rural fringes of Sydney have a small tractor, but when a job emerges that needs a skid steer, compact loader, excavator or specialised attachments, we are often their first choice for backup equipment. We also provide these machines for contractors whose own machines may be out of action for service or have maintenance issues.

“Often, tradies may have a small machine but when they get a job that requires different equipment, we are well equipped to satisfy their needs. A plumber may have a 3 or 5 tonne excavator in their fleet, but there are times when they need a larger excavator or track loader.

“The Takeuchi TL8R2 compact track loader is our second machine, having experienced great performance from our first Takeuchi TL8, which we bought in 2016. These loaders are virtually bullet-proof, which is a much-needed feature when you are in the hire business. They have delivered the outstanding reliability and low maintenance costs that are critical to keep your bottom line on track.

“Purchase price of equipment is secondary because it is the long-term reliability, maintenance and whole of life costs that we consider. In this business, you can’t afford to have anything breaking down during a hire. Happy customers make a major contribution to our business growth, which has come from always providing equipment and machines that will keep operating and don’t cost them any downtime.

“Both our Takeuchi track loaders are constantly in use by many different people who possess varying degrees of skill in operating these machines across many different applications. This is a tough environment, with the loaders often being taken to the limit of their performance, but never letting us down!

“When we were looking for a new track loader, we spent a lot of time checking with our mechanic about what type of machine would be best for our purpose. We looked at potential repair costs and how the different machines were manufactured. Our previous experience with Takeuchi excavators had also given us a high level of confidence in the brand’s design, construction and engineering,” Mat added.

For further information www.semcogroup.com.au or call Semco1 800 685 525.

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