Take the hard work out of cutting

As trees in Australia prepare for the dormant period in winter, landscapers and professional gardeners know it is time to get busy cutting and pruning.

While some growth can be removed with smaller tools like pruning saws and secateurs, larger and more mature trees may need to be approached with a chainsaw. This is often revealed once the leaves of deciduous trees have fallen, revealing large amounts of dead wood and even the odd recently-deceased whole tree.

Thankfully, AEG has all the tools you need for the job – big or small – and they’re all cordless!

If you’ve got some serious wood to remove, you’ll appreciate the power of AEG’s 58V chainsaw models.

The 18” brushless model has a chain speed of 21m/sec to power through native hardwoods and softwoods. It has a tooled chain tensioning system with onboard tool storage and a transparent oil reservoir that automatically distributes bar and chain oil to prolong the life of the chain and the bar. The manual chain brake provides a quick cut-off safety feature.

The chainsaw starts at the squeeze of the trigger, has petrol-like performance without any of the hassles associated with storing and pouring fuel, pull cords, spark plugs, exhaust fumes and excessive noise.

To deliver even longer running time without a drop off in power, a new 58V 8.0Ah ULTIMATE HD battery will be arriving soon. It’s been specially designed for tools that need maximum power and runtimes, like chainsaws and mowers.

If you’re on the 18V platform, it’s hard to go past the 12” Brushless Chainsaw. The smaller, lightweight tool is ideal for cutting back overhead branches and getting into places a larger, heavier chainsaw can’t reach.

It has a chain speed of 10m/sec and has the same features as the larger chainsaws, with an added belt hook.

Other 18V tools that make pruning season easy are the dedicated Brushless Pruning Saw – the perfect in-between tool for when a chainsaw is overkill, but secateurs can’t cut it.

Its powerful brushless motor delivers 3,000spm and the variable speed trigger gives users greater control. It also has toolfree blade change, orbital on/off switch and a lock-out switch to guard against accidental start-up.

And at the smaller end of the range of pruning tools are the 18V FUSION Secateurs; 1-second cycle time, 30mm diameter cuts on green material and 25mm on dead wood. The lightweight unit has hardened steel blades that can be sharpened and replaced. Plus gets a max 4,000 cuts out of a fully charged 18V 4.0Ah FORCE battery.

Make this year’s pruning season the easiest yet with AEG outdoor power equipment.

You can reach out to AEG Onsite via www.aegpowertools.com.au/onsite or give Matt a call on 0438 110 636. AEG Onsite can deliver tools and transact direct to your site!

Visit aegpowertools.com.au to see the full range.

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