Tackle The Outdoors with Ferris

Ferris is the commercial mower specialist delivering high quality products and solutions for over 100 years.

Ferris offers cutting edge innovative mower designs and technology with the only mowers in the industry that offer patented suspension technology. Experience the difference suspension makes!

Ferris… Go The Extra Yard!

Patented Suspension System*

Patented suspension system absorbs the impacts of uneven terrain, meaning:

  • No slowing down, which increases productivity
  • No harsh impacts so it reduces operator fatigue
  • Extended mower life
  • The mower deck follows the terrain providing a neater finish iCD™ Cutting System*

The iCD™ Cutting System

The iCD™ Cutting System features a sloped front nose, off-set centre point and extra wide discharge chute for improved air flow, reducing the risk of blockages and increasing cut quality.

Industry Leading Tough Frame*

Ferris frames are twice as thick compared to competitive fixed frame units making it the toughest zero turn ride-on mower in the market.

* Available on selected models.

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For more information visit www.ferrismowers.com

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