Suregro Treemax vegetated wall system

Suregro Treemax are proud to launch and distributing the Flex MSE vegetated wall system throughout Australia.

Suregro Treemax’s Flex MSE vegetated wall system is a patented engineered solution as an alternative to timber, concrete or block walls that have been commonly used as retaining walls and erosion control. Flex MSE is a unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities. Leveraging mechanical stabilised earth principals along with geotextile technology to create strong and easy to to install geomodular block structures.

Benefits of the Flex MSE vegetated wall system consists of, but not limited to, the installation time being half the time of that of conventional walls as well as not requiring the use of heavy machinery. The all-in costs for a Flex MSE wall are generally 40 – 50 per cent lower than other systems, with savings in machine, labour, material, and transportation costs making the system an obvious choice for helping generate project cost savings. Day labour to professional contractors can install Flex MSE using simple installation methods.

The system has the adeptness of allowing most types of vegetation to become established within the system, creating a visually aesthetic wall. Vegetation can include grasses, ground covers, flowers, vines, and small shrubs. Hydroseeding also works well with the Flex MSE system.

The Flex MSE System is designed to provide a permanent vegetated solution in soil retention and slope stability applications In ideal conditions, the Flex MSE System is designed to meet project design life criteria of 120 years where full vegetated cover, screening all potential UV exposure, is achieved within 1,000 hours of Peak UV exposure after installation.

A vegetated wall built with Flex MSE can be installed anywhere from horizontal up to 82 degrees using the same two components. Flex MSE’s versatility offers you the ability to build your wall according to the project’s needs as they develop.

The added benefit of being able to construct a Flex MSE wall which follows the natural landscape or flows over land formations is that it allows designers to build organic structures without having to rely on right-angle decisions.

Retaining walls often support structures or are used to create level building pads. Flex MSE is ideally suited for these applications given that it is as strong as concrete the day it goes in and only gets stronger over time as the root web from the vegetated face takes hold.

The staff at Suregro Treemax will be happy to discuss your future projects and assist with any technical details on the product you may need to incorporate the FLEX MSE vegetated wall system into your plans.

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