Supergroups – when Diggin’ for a Livin’ is what you do

Supergroups proudly sell, supply and service Kubota Construction equipment and importantly, beyond the ‘sale’, they are constantly striving to make a difference.

They are not just a privately-owned 5-Star Kubota Dealership, or Kubota service centre, or a place to buy parts – they are a business partner and ‘workmate’ with a vested interest in supporting you on your journey.

Every business has ambitions of greatness; Supergroups share your vision and strive to make your aspirations success stories. They pride themselves on their well-deserved and hard earned 5-star service centre accreditation from Kubota, but mostly on being able to deliver on every conceivable customer need.

Not only do Supergroups have a vast range of equipment – from 0.8 tonne through to 8 tonne Kubota Excavators, Kubota Skid Steers and Track Loaders. Kubota Wheel loaders, Toku Hammers, Digger Auger drives and so much more – they are supremely confident that their service centre and team provides an experience that is second-to-none.

The Supergroups catchcry Diggin’ for a Livin’ was born out of their intrinsic knowledge of the industry at large and how their product range and team expertly service the industry – they live and breathe the Diggin’ life and understand why you would make the decision to do it for a Livin’. From your first contact with the Supergroups team to the day you retire, they are there for you.

Why choose a Kubota?
Kubota Mini Excavators have been a top selling mini excavator in Australia for many years and for good reason. Kubota specialise and super service the mini market. By concentrating their range from 0.8 tonne through to 8 tonne, it has allowed them to focus their expertise and precision on a specific market. This is why their machines outstrip the competition and why they have a Victorian Market Share of over 40 per cent. It is easy to see why – reliability, dependability and fit for purpose being just a few of their key features.

Whether you are a landscape gardener, electrical contractor, concreter or civil contractor, Kubota’s Zero Swing machines are perfect for up close and personal work. Their conventional swing machines are used when more room is available and longer reach is required. You can be sure Supergroups have a machine for every need.

The sale is secondary to the goal of providing customers with the perfect solution; fit for purpose, to get the job done and done well. Supergroups provide customers with a broad selection of new and used equipment, parts and service with a focus on quality and dependability. They have been selling Kubota construction equipment since 1993 and throughout those 28 years, they have retained staffs that are willing and able to pass on their vast experience which fuels their loyal customer base.

Supergroups are located at 44 Wedgewood Road, Hallam. Pop in and ask about their low interest finance offers, or go to or call (03) 9702 3999.

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