Supergroups and Cingo

Supergroups is Victoria’s leading mini-excavator dealer, offering factory-trained technicians and five-star service. When the company saw a need for carriers, it chose Merlo’s Cingo range.

Cingo multifunction tracked carriers offer exceptional versatility, and excel at moving material into, out of, and through confined spaces.

They’re an ideal machine for the construction and landscaping industries.

Supported by continuous research and decades of ingenious design by the Merlo Group, these machines represent a collaboration of technology, safety, versatility and manoeuvrability. Extraordinarily compact, the Cingo makes light of access-related issues of bigger machines, and along with their quality build, it’s made them an ideal addition to the Supergroups catalogue.

Cingo multifunction tracked carriers offer exceptional versatility, and excel at moving material into, out of, and through confined spaces. Image: Cingo

An excellent fit

James Tibos, General Manager at Supergroups in Hallam. Victoria, is looking forward to offering the Cingo equipment to the dealers’ customers.

“We see the Cingo lineup as a perfect complement to our range of mini excavators,” he said. “We offer zero to eight-tonne excavators, and we have a really, really good relationship with large civil and hire companies. We believe there’s opportunities for Cingo in the hire and landscaping markets.”

Conscious of Supergroups’ standing as the leader in its area of operation, James sees Cingo as an excellent fit.

“We’re the market leader for mini excavators in Victoria and we’re conscious of aligning our name and our reputation with quality brands,” he pointed out. “Merlo has a worldwide reputation for reliability. That’s what we build our branding on, too.

“It’s the reliability that keeps getting our excavator business, and that’s what we want to align ourselves with, so we’re careful and we’re conscious of what other brands we do take on.

“I think Cingo is going to be a good offering for our regular business,” he said with obvious sincerity.

The quick-coupling device is patented and allows incredible, convenient, versatility. Image: Merlo


As James pointed out, Supergroups has the machinery landscapers need to work in areas where room and access is tight, and the Cingo carriers will highlight and support the compact-excavator business.

“The thing I really like about the Cingos,” he explained, “and the thing I’ll be pushing to the market, is the accessibility – as in the tight access.

“We sell a lot of our excavators in tightaccess areas, and what the Cingo solves is getting the debris and dirt out of those places. You can dig a hole, no problem, but you’ve got to get rid of what you’re digging up. So we like the offering of the dump loader.

“We can set you up with a Kubota U10 or U17 1.5-tonne excavator, but how can you get rid of all the debris? With Cingo we’ve got an option to deal with that as well.”

A big future

Chris Wilson, National Sales Manager at Merlo Group Australia, is understandably very happy to have Supergroups offering Cingo product.

“We identified Supergroups as an ideal candidate for our Cingo mini transporters,” he said.

“Kubota is the market leader in mini excavators and the small construction industry, as Supergroups are in the Melbourne territory. We believe it’s a perfect match to marry up the Cingo mini transporters with the Kubota mini excavator range and the skid steers as well.”

And the plans for Cingo?

“We hope our Cingos are sold in conjunction with the Kubota product,” said Chris. “It’s a seamless pairing. They both complement each other in the market, and the Supergroups service, support and reputation in Victoria is second to none, and that’s why we believe it’ll be best suited to support Cingo in the Melbourne market.”

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Image: Merlo
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