Straighter Cuts At Any Angle

Getting straight cuts on a hedge – regardless of its size – has never been easier with the release of AEG’s 500mm Articulating Hedge Trimmer attachment.

Any professional gardener or landscaper will know that tall hedges and shrubs often pose problems when it comes to maintaining straight edges, especially across the top.

But this new articulating hedge trimmer attachment, which connects to AEG’s 18V or 58V power heads, solves the problem.

That’s right! The hedge trimmer attachment fits either battery platform power head. So, if you own an 18V Brushless Line Trimmer or a 58V Brushless Line Trimmer, you’re set to go, without having to buy another power head or a different battery and charger.

The 500mm blade length has a 25mm cut capacity for clearing large amounts of material with fewer passes than smaller models, and the articulating head allows for 180-degree rotation with 13 operating positions and one storage position.

This makes it much easier to get the exact angle of cut you need for any sized hedge.

AEG Product Manager for Outdoor Power Equipment, Sam Barnett, says: “This hedge trimmer attachment is the result of the Australian/New Zealand team leading the development of the product to suit local conditions.”

“We understand the problems gardeners and landscapers face when shaping tall hedges or getting into those hard-to-reach spaces to tidy up or shape overgrown material. So, we developed this attachment and are extremely happy with the results.”

Sam says contractors will appreciate the cutting power of the trimmer when using it high up on a hedge, providing the cleanest cuts from its Dual Edged Diamond Ground blades.

Other features include a blade tip guard to protect the cutting unit as well as surfaces that hedges or shrubs grow against. And the padded foam grip increases user comfort.

If you’re in the market for a hedge trimmer that not only saves you time but delivers results that make you look good, then AEG’s 500mm Articulating Hedge Trimmer attachment is for you.

Features and Benefits

  • 180-degree rotation – 13 head positions for straight lines where you need them
  • 25mm cut capacity to cope with mature hedges and shrubs
  • Long 500mm dual-edged diamond ground blades for sharp, healthy cuts
  • Attaches to AEG 18V or 58V power heads

Book in an onsite visit from an AEG Onsite Solutions team member via and get yours delivered onsite.

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