STIHL battery tools

STIHL battery tools give maximum power and minimum fuss, and here’s five examples of STIHL‘s hardest-working, pro-standard battery-powered OPE.

STIHL’s extensive system has a wide range of products with interchangeable batteries designed with professional users in mind. However, it’s also perfect for those with larger home gardens to maintain.

Check out five of the most popular professional STIHL battery tools giving maximum power using STIHL’s AP Battery System.

KMA 135 R Battery Kombiengine

If you have a wide range of tasks to complete outdoors and want to work as flexibly as possible, the KMA 135 R Battery Powered KombiEngine is the perfect solution for you. This battery powered KombiEngine can be used with almost all existing STIHL KombiTools, giving plenty of options to complete your work with a single product.

The speed of the powerful EC motor can be continuously adjusted to one of three speed levels using the control handle which also allows you to set one of these speed levels as an energy-saving mode.

Being battery-powered, the KMA 135 R is extremely quiet in comparison to the petrolpowered equivalent, which is an especially attractive feature for those working in noise-sensitive areas such as public parks and playgrounds.

And for a high degree of freedom of movement, even in narrow spaces, the STIHL KMA 135 R is equipped with an all-round handle that features a step limiter, a safety feature ensures feet and legs cannot get too close to the tool.

KMA 135R Battery Kombiengine. Image: STIHL Australia

FSA 135 battery brushcutter

The STIHL FSA 135 battery brushcutter is designed for professional users or owners of larger properties who have areas of grass to mow that cannot be accessed easily or safely by a lawnmower.

Featuring an ergonomic control handle which allows the user to adjust the speed continuously across three different levels, the FSA 135 is designed to work as efficiently as possible, saving energy where required and thus extending the working time of the machine. It also features an airfilter with a metal grille to cool the engine, and an air filter which is incredibly easy to access and clean. In addition, this airfilter is easy to clean.

As with all tools in STIHL’s growing range of battery tools for home users and professionals, they are incredibly quiet and do not require the use of ear protection while in action.

FAS 135 battery brushcutter. Image: STIHL Australia

MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chainsaw

Designed with professionals in mind, the MSA 300 C-O is the most powerful battery chainsaw in STIHL‘s growing battery range.

The new STIHL AP 500 S battery, one of five batteries in the AP system, was designed specifically to power the MSA 300 C-O. It’s the first battery in the AP System to use laminated battery cells capable of delivering an impressible high power output of 3kW. The MSA 300 C-O is STIHL’s first battery-powered chainsaw with a full anti-vibration system and includes all the features expected from a professional STIHL chainsaw: captive sprocket nuts, an adjustable chain-oil pump, a tool-free oil cap and durable, long-lasting magnesium components.

The easy-to-read notification cockpit on the rear handle displays useful information regarding the chain-brake status, the on/off status of the machine, and even if the machine needs time to cool. The motor unit is air-cooled and protected from dirt by a fleece air filter, easily accessed for regular cleaning, which in turn helps prevent overheating.

MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chainsaw. Image: STIHL Australia

HLA 135 battery long-reach hedge trimmer

Designed with professional users in mind, the HLA 135 is STIHL’s most powerful battery long-reach hedge trimmer to date. It offers the most powerful cut among battery hedge trimmers, making it perfect for cutting shrubs, bushes and plants, as well as trimming and pruning thick hedges at all angles. This is thanks to a 60cm/24″, 145° adjustable double-sided cutting blade, which can also be folded down parallel to the shaft for storage and transport.

It’s been fitted with a magnesium gearbox, which helps the machine maintain a light weight, too. Plus, this machine has a stroke rate of 4000rpm, which is the highest of all of STIHL’s long-reach hedge trimmers. The recommended battery for the HLA 135 is the AP 300 S.

HLA 135 battery long-reach hedge trimmer. Image: STIHL Australia

HTA 135 battery pole pruner

The HTA 135 Battery Powered Pole Pruner is the most powerful battery pole pruner in the AP Battery System. Reaching up to five metres in height, the HTA 135 allows professionals to complete their work safely from the ground rather than climbing the tree, saving plenty of time. The lightweight magnesium gearhead helps with manoeuvrability and balance, while a tough branch hook helps with the removal of loose cuttings from the tree. The recommended battery for the HTA 135 is the AP 300 S.

STIHL Connected

Have you heard of STIHL Connected yet?

This smart technology is designed to make your life easier by managing your tools for you. From providing product run times reminding you about upcoming or overdue maintenance, to showing the last location of tools, STIHL Connected takes tool and fleet management to another level.

STIHL connected is useful even if you aren’t a professional user as you can keep track of when your tools need maintenance or servicing, similar to service-warning lights in most modern cars. For the private user, STIHL Smart Connector and the STIHL Connected app are all you would need, however for larger fleets, the STIHL Connected portal is designed specifically for making the management your tools simple and intuitive.

STIHL Connected takes tool and fleet management to another level. Image: STIHL Australia

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Image: STIHL Australia


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