Step up onto a Hustler stand-on mower

Step up your mowing game with the brand that defines quality and innovation, Hustler Mowers

It all started with a compilation of mower parts and farm machinery. Hustler Mowers was born off a simple need for a ride on mower that could maneuver the irregular landscape of the family home, complete with bird baths, gardens and winding front walkways. This machine could hug a flagpole or reverse directions at a fence line, with a turning radius of zero – the world’s first zero-turn mower was born which changed the industry forever.

Nearly 60 years later, Hustler Mowers is still dominating the industry with a huge line up of innovative zero-turn mowers for both residential and commercial users – there really is something for everyone.

The commercial range is filled with units every professional operator dreams of. The newest edition added to the range is Hustlers first stand-on mower, the Super S. Yes, you read that right. There is no seat but surprisingly standing whilst mowing has some additional benefits over the standard, seated zero-turn mower. These include reduced user fatigue, standing is much better for your back. Whilst mowing, your feet and legs are receiving the shock absorption, not your back.

Another benefit is the maneuverability of the mower, the Super S Stand-On comes with a compact 36” deck. It fits through almost any gate, saves space in the trailer, and handles the changing landscape with ease. In addition, you can’t forget the visibility benefits this unit gives you.

They do say good things come in small packages, but don’t be fooled the Super S’ compact size. It is filled to the brim with features. The Super S is powered by a premium Kawasaki FX600V commercial grade v-twin engine, has a sturdy fabricated deck, heavy duty blades and Hydro-Gear 10cc pumps with Parker TL0195 wheel motors. To top it off it is backed by a 6 year / 1000-hour commercial warranty – which screams reliability.

Though, if you are in the market for a bigger zero turn, Hustler have commercial units that range from a 48” to huge 104” cutting width. All petrol units are equipped with reliable Kawasaki engine and the diesel unit with a powerful Perkins engine. Backed by top-tier warranties, Hustler Mowers reallyhas it all.

Go on, get a hustle on. Visit one of their 150+ dealers nationwide to ride away on your new workhorse.

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