Stella Racoon 110-4×4

Victoria-based International Mowers has some very interesting and different machinery in its line-up. The Stella Racoon Flail mower is a great example.

At first glance you can see the Stella Racoon is a robust machine, and although small in stature, it is unbelievable what the Racoon is capable of.

Solidly built with a full 42mm x 2mm tubular frame, as well as a second rear frame for additional reinforcement where the drive unit attaches, the Racoon is built to tackle the toughest of conditions. A hefty nudge bar on the front is angled to deflect longer material away from the operator and push it down to be mown over. The checkerplate foot pan is also angled at the front corners, ensuring debris deflection and operator safety.

Sitting and operating the Racoon is a comfortable experience. The seat is fully adjustable with great forward and aft range, and the suspension is easily adjustable to suit the operator or terrain. A serrated steel left-foot brace allows the operator to firmly brace themselves into the seat if the terrain requires, and hand-hold bars are fitted either side of the driver for additional bracing on the steep stuff.

This mower has an extremely low centre of gravity, and is therefore terrific on steep slopes up to 25 degrees across and 35 degrees up and down. It’s worth noting dual rear wheels are also available, increasing the slope capability even further.

Built to tackle the toughest of conditions. Image: Prime Creative


As the name suggests, the cutting width of this machine is 110cm, but there are other options of 95cm in either 2WD or 4WD, as well as engine options to suit various situations. Y Flails are fitted as standard on the Racoon 110-4×4, but this machine had the upgrade of Spade Flails, giving increased cutting capabilities for thicker vegetation. The cutting heights vary from 30mm to 90 mm, and there are four fixed and six floating positions. The deck can be locked in position for attacking rough scrub or set in the floating positions for grass and softer materials, allowing the deck to follow any irregular terrain to leave a neater finish. I mainly used the fixed positions as I was tackling some very overgrown scrub much of the time.

Controls and ergos are well thought out and easy to use. Image: Prime Creative

Good design

A commercial Vanguard 810cc engine producing 26hp drives the Racoon 110, the fuel injection ensuring it’ll cope with the slopes, unlike a carburetted engine. A very solid rear cowl wraps around and protects the engine from the inevitable knocks and minimises any debris build-up that may occur during operation.

The engine has a large, two-stage Donaldson air filter on its top, and it’s easily accessed for maintenance. Other access for maintenance around the engine is mostly good, with the oil dipstick easily reached and an oil drain hose enabling fast oil drain into a container underneath the machine. Spark plugs may be a little fiddly to remove, as will the oil filter that is close to the battery, but obviously this isn’t a real concern.

Two tie-down eyes at the front and two at the rear ensure safe transporting. The two rear eyes double as lifting points which combine with another dedicated lift point at the front to allow the machine to be hoisted up for underbody maintenance and blade changes.

A large, two-stage Donaldson air filter on top of the motor makes for easy access. Image: Prime Creative

Exceeded expectations

The Racoon has constant four-wheel drive, allowing it to negotiate very rough and steep terrain. It also has a rear diff lock that is easily engaged and disengaged via a pedal to the left of the steering column. I did briefly get stuck in mud climbing over an unknown buried obstacle, but with quick depress of the diff lock pedal I was on my way again in no time. It’s a great feature.

I have to say I was astounded at what the Stella Racoon 110-4×4 was capable of. I ploughed through some tall scrub, pulverising everything in my path and leaving a neat trail behind with just one pass. Attacking some softer, overgrown weeds and grass was also no problem for the Racoon, with excellent results achieved, again with just one pass and little effort.

I would highly recommend anyone in the market for a Flail mower should check out what Stella has to offer. It exceeded my expectations, and then some.

Image: Prime Creative
Stella Racoon 110-4×4 specifications

Engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI 810cc
Output: 26hp
Cutting Width: 110cm
Cutting Height: 30mm – 90 mm (six positions)
Fuel Capacity: 18 litres

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