Standing the test of time

A1 Rubber is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precoloured rubber granules and uses discarded Australian vehicle tyres as its raw material. Australian Sports and Safety Surfaces has used A1 Rubber products for a very long time. There’s good reason for that.

Designed specifically for Australia’s harsh UV conditions, A1 Rubber’s CSBR® precoloured rubber granules are uniquely coloured by tumbling for several hours in natural earth-oxide colour, building up several layers, so it won’t come off or crack like imported pre-coloured rubber. A key benefit of CSBR is its exceptional colour durability even under prolonged UV exposure.

It’s a recycled-tyre rubber product, so it also meets all the green initiatives, and, being made of recycled Australian tyre rubber, contributes to the circular economy while EPDM is a virgin rubber.

There are 18 rich, natural, earthy colour choices in CSBR, and 18 colour choices in premixed Carnival Fusion, with three price points.

A key benefit of CSBR is itscexceptional colour durability, evencunder prolonged UV exposure. Image: A1 Rubber


A1 Rubber is also the largest supplier of EPDM in Australia and New Zealand, and the product is custom made with a minimum content of 24 per cent EP, giving it good durability under Australia’s extreme UV levels.

Opal EPDM is available in 18 exciting, vibrant colours in large batch volumes, and will outlast any other imported EPDM on the market.

Procure binder

A1 Rubber’s is the best premium MDI binder on the market. It’s the lowest yellowing and quickest curing, meaning less cracking, lowest VOCs and great viscosity. Convenient, 24kg square pails mean better pallet stability, an easy pour, and with six 20kg CSBR bags to the drum, there’s no waste – it’s also available in 1000kg tapped decanting IBCs.

Aero Shockpads

Unlike foam pads which are primarily designed for sports fields, A1 Rubber’s Aero Shockpads won’t crush and collapse, will not curl up in the corners, and don’t require adhering together. They’re the only 100 per cent recycled-rubber shockpads on the market, and they’re made entirely from Australian end-of-life tyres.

Some fast facts about Aero Shockpads:
• They’re the only certified shockpad to meet Australian Standards AS4422:2016
• They’re the only shockpad allowed to be pre-certified and to supply a printed certificate that meets Australian and NZ auditors’ requirements
• Certification is totally free, and it’s the only product fully guaranteed to meet AS4422:2016 with a complete playground replacement if it doesn’t
• Available in all sizes from 15mm to 50mm in 5mm increments, and can be double, triple and quadruple layered
• Meets all Critical Fall Heights or Free Height of Fall for wetpour rubber, rubber tiles and synthetic grass, and
• A1 Rubber produces thousands every week, so supply is always available, usually with no longer than a three-day production turnaround.

A1 Rubber’s Aero Shockpads are the only 100 per cent recycled-rubber shockpads on the market, and they’re made entirely from Australian end-of-life tyres. Image: A1 Rubber

Australian Sports and Safety Surfaces

One company which has used A1 Rubber for quite a while is Australian Sports and Safety Surfaces.

Based in Blacktown, to the west of Sydney in NSW, Australian Sports and Safety Surfaces has a distinguished track record.

“It’s a family business,” said the well-spoken Geoff. “My wife and I started it over 30 years ago, and today we have our two sons heavily involved in the business,” he outlined quietly.

Initially offering synthetic grass cricket pitches and tennis courts, the company moved into soft-fall rubber surfaces, and it’s been a journey.

“It was tough in the early days,” he recalled. “Getting councils to move away from looselaid materials such as mulch and sand under play equipment was difficult.

“A big part of our work today is coucil playgrounds, schools, childcare centres civil and domestic jobs. Our work covers all of NSW.”

The association with A1 Rubber began late last century and the partnership has been strong since the start.

“I think they were the only company producing the type of rubber we were after at the time,” said Geoff. “They were the main players, and they still are.”

“We use their CSBR, Opal EPDM rubber and their polyurethane Procure…we use their Rotatub mixers as well. I think we have four of them.”

The test of time

Geoff cites the quality of A1 Rubber products and their availability as important factors in the maintaining the relationship for so long.

“The service is of a high standard and the staff is very obliging,” vouched Geoff. “They’re very helpful and we have good communication with them. We also have a great deal of contact with the staff at the Wetherill Park warehouse and find them yo be professional and friendlyl.”

As Geoff watches family his business continue to grow, he can watch A1 Rubber, a big part of his business, do the same.

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Image: A1 Rubber
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