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Spider Covers™ are purpose designed for small and medium trailers, single and dual cab trays, and style side utes.

Spider Tarp Pty Ltd is an Australian company that designs, manufactures and distributes covers and attachment cords to overcome the problems of covering loads with traditional cargo nets, tarpaulins, bungee cords and ropes.

Through a focus on innovation, Spider Tarp provides its customers with affordable, easy-to-use and versatile vehicle and general-purpose cover and attachment solutions.

Spider Covers™ are purpose designed for small and medium trailers, single and dual cab trays, and style side utes.  Manufactured in either heavy duty 230gsm waterproof PE or tough 350gsm, wind tolerant PVC Spider-Mesh™, both options ensure that there is no annoying snagging or tangling commonly experienced with net covers.

The key to Spider Cover™ versatility is the patented, wide opening Spider-Lock™ hooks that are easily engaged anywhere along the elastic attachment cords.  Constructed of nylon-fibre composite, they withstand loads far higher than hooks normally found on other cargo nets and covers.

Spider-Lock™ hooks allow the attachment cords to be easily tensioned without having to be removed from their anchor points. This unique feature makes it incredibly quick to fit the cover.  Simply slide the Spider-Lock™ hook to the desired length and pull the cord up to lock the hook in position. A positive “click” indicates the hook is secured.  Once locked, just pull on the free end of the attachment cord to increase the tension.  To release the hook, pull down on the elastic cord. The Spider-Lock™ hook will disengage and can be quickly and easily repositioned for the next use.

Traditional “hairnet” style covers have a single perimeter bungee cord which can be difficult to adjust to accommodate high and uneven loads and centre the cover on the load during tensioning. In comparison, Spider Cover™ individually adjustable attachment cords have a tensioned length of 10 to 90cm allowing both flat and high loads to be easily and quickly covered.

Spider Cover™ attachment cords are constructed of premium latex rubber with nylon braid having up to 10 times more abrasion resistance than normal bungee cords. The attachment cords are secured to the cover through a non-scratch steel core moulded D-Ring. They are designed to tension the cover from the sides in a straight pull in the same way as a traditional rope tie off – but without the need for knots.

All Spider Ute Tarps have two additional stainless-steel D-Rings on their front edge spaced so that they can be easily reached from the side of the vehicle. These allow the cover to be tied off to the front of the tray or cab to ensure it remains correctly and conveniently positioned when the attachment cords are released. They also provide additional security for very high loads where the tarp protrudes above the height of the cab and is prone to catching the wind. In addition, Spider-Mesh™ covers are finished with a heavy duty 50mm perimeter braid to ensure stability and a solid anchor for the attachment cords.

Spider Covers™ are the quickest and easiest way to cover your load, offering great value for money and they come with a manufacturer’s 12-month warranty against faults.

For more information go to www.spidertarp.com

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