Special feature: Working with water!

A water feature in a landscaping setting.

The September/October 2024 issue of Landscape Contractor magazine will highlight a universal landscaping challenge: Working with water!

The promo feature will coincide with our Showcase directory and cover all facets of water use in landscaping – equipment, technology, design and materials – and include information, technology and hardware from and for professional landscapers, suppliers, councils and LAGs around Australia.

It will be an unmissable opportunity to highlight water-handling and water-management equipment to services, suppliers, professionals and tradespeople who deal with drainage, irrigation, and water management in all its forms in their everyday work and design.

To be included in the Working with water! feature section in Australia’s premier landscaping presentation, both in print and online, request a call back or contact Arron Reed for further details.

Who’ll see the product:
• Over 50,000 readers of the print and digital
• Landscaping professionals and associations around the country
• Local, state and federal government departments
• Training and educational institutions, and
• Untold more on social-media and digital channels.

For further details on available opportunities contact Business Development Manager, Arron Reed, on 0466 923 194, or email arron.reed@primecreative.com.au. Or fill in the info below and we’ll get back to you.

Bookings close August 5, 2024.

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