Solo by AL-KO Power Flex®42V Blower LB 4250

Say goodbye to messy leaves with the powerful, new professional grade solo by AL-KO Power Flex® blower, which is perfect for clearing pathways and keeping gardens looking neat and tidy.

Effortlessly blow damp and heavy foliage away by engaging turbo mode, which provides air speeds of up to 250km/h and an air volume of up to 870m³/h. A variable speed trigger lets the operator control the air speed during operation, while the cruise control feature allows the desired air speed to be set for task at hand.

The blower uses the impressive, high capacity Power Flex® 42V 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery that is suitable for use with the complete Power Flex® range. Being battery powered, the quieter operation of this blower makes it perfect for around the home and is ideal for commercial use, even in noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools.

At only 2.2kg, this extremely lightweight blower is one of the lightest on the market, and with the weight of the battery comfortably supported by the Power Flex® battery harness, it doesn’t add any additional weight to the blower. The operator’s comfort is further enhanced thanks to the well-balanced design, soft grip handle, and the ergonomically arranged controls. Therefore, the user can get the job done quicker and easier, all while minimising fatigue.

The battery harness together with the battery and battery charger are required accessories that are available for purchase separately if you are purchasing a Power Flex® unit for the first time.

For further information about the solo by AL-KO Power Flex® range, contact Masport | 1300 366 255.

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