Solo By AL-KO 42V Power Flex® ST Combo

Perfect for home gardeners through to landscape specialists, the new solo by AL-KO 42V Power Flex® ST mulch and catch lawn mower makes mowing easy with the simplicity of a push button start and minimal maintenance while ensuring quieter operation and zero emissions

This lawn mower uses an advanced brushless motor with load sensing technology, which adapts to the cutting conditions, sensing grass thickness and optimising power requirements for the best quality of cut, balancing power and maximising runtimes through intelligent and efficient energy use. When combined with the powerful 42V 7.5 Ah Power Flex® lithium-ion battery, this mower delivers petrol-like performance with the freedom and convenience of lithium-ion battery power.

The powerful motor is matched to the proven Masport 485mm (19”) heavy-duty steel chassis that provides superior cutting, catching and mulching performance thanks to the high arch deck design, twin blade disc system and mulching feature, which allows you to recycle the grass clippings back to the lawn. This steel chassis is also backed by an impressive 5 year residential steel housing and parts warranty, giving extra confi dence and assurance that this mower will get the job done.

The high-performance, high density polyethene (HDPE) catcher with ‘full’ indicator is backed by Masport’s famous lifetime warranty and is secured in place by the sturdy steel fl ap. The large 8” x 8” dual bearing wheels provide effortless pushing and manoeuvrability. The upturned upper handle features a soft grip that provides improved comfort, allowing users to mow for longer periods, and the reinforced lower handle provides further strength. Camlocks offer quick unfastening of the handle so that it can be easily folded up or down, allowing the mower to be conveniently stored when it is not in use.

Simply push the power button and pull on the safety bail to start mowing.

No longer is there a need to store fuel. This mower is part of the complete Power Flex® battery range of premium garden tools, which deliver professional results with the use of just one battery for all tools and is ideally suited to those wanting convenience of use without the effort of having to pull start your equipment, and those looking for an environmentally friendly and quieter solution.

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