Skyline transition to electric as critical step towards ongoing success

EcoTeq delivers without compromise.

Skyline Landscape Services is a national family-owned, end-to-end horticulture and landscape management company. They have tracked the development and implementation of electric and battery powered equipment internationally for years and now witness first-hand the rise and rise of electric, battery powered maintenance equipment, machines and vehicles in Australia – such as those offered by EcoTeq Zero Emissions Solutions.

A commitment to sustainability
“We made a continuous improvement commitment to reducing emissions and improving recycling and our overall sustainability,” says Aaron Curtin, Skyline’s NSW State Manager. “Sustainability is a big part of what we want to do and what we do.”

Skyline’s Marketing Manager, Chris Carter, agrees. “We’re trying to assist in any way we can to serve the community’s environmental goals and our company’s goals.”

The necessity of going electric
Government tenders for landscape and maintenance services often ask service providers whether the work will be done using electric equipment, including machines and vehicles. Skyline is happy they can tick that box.

Aaron and Chris agree everyone wants to see battery-powered mowers these days. But initial cost is preventing some organisations, like body corporates, from choosing the greener option. However, these organisations are failing to recognise the long-term cost benefits compared to fossil fuel options.

“Everyone wants electric!” says Aaron. Governments of all levels in Australia have moved early to accept the cost of zero emissions maintenance services. “You can see the government contracts are making the change first,” Aaron continues. “For government clients, it’s all about zero emissions and meeting net-zero targets.

“Tenders have specific questions about electric and what we’re doing to help serve the environment. Having an electric fleet is a huge point of difference for us,” states Chris.

Choosing the right electric mower
This is where EcoTeq can assist, offering a range of robust electric commercial mowers and outdoor maintenance solutions that produce zero emissions; without compromise to productivity or performance.

“We started looking at different electric mower companies. A company we collaborate with in New Zealand, they recommended EcoTeq and another brand. We compared the two. EcoTeq had the longer run time and better battery life, so we chose the Rival mower,” says Aaron.

Keeping the long-term cost benefits in mind
When considering EcoTeq’s Rival zero turn commercial electric mower, Skyline investigated the cost of running and ongoing maintenance. The ongoing cost of replacing parts was important, as was the overall life expectancy. They could definitely see the upfront expense was worth it in the long-term, with low maintenance requirements and fuel costs equating to almost nothing. And with minimal moving parts, it would save precious downtime for repairs.

“So far so good. EcoTeq’s Rival rivals the diesel-powered mowers,” says Aaron. Skyline’s operators are on board with EcoTeq’s Rival mower, too. Their operators say that it’s quick off the mark and makes hardly any noise, which is a welcome change in their working conditions.

Skyline’s plan is to grow their fleet of electric mowers as they strive to help more government organisations and businesses achieve net-zero. EcoTeq is proud to support their transition.

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