Silent operation comes standard

Husqvarna Trimmers

They say seeing is believing, but the new Husqvarna battery trimmer must be felt as well.

The 536LiLX cuts through high, thick and wet grass without blinking, delivering a totally new sense of comfort for garden maintenance professionals. Equipped with a top of the line brushless motor, it produces increased efficiency and results in extremely high torque. With longer continuous operation and less wear and tear, users can expect longer product life.

The 536LiLX is fitted with a T25B semi-automatic trimmer head, so the trimmer line can be fed hands-free and without stopping the machine by simply pushing the head into the ground.

Adding to the top performance, the 536LiLX stands out from the market with one very distinctive feature: the ability to, with the touch of a button, switch the spinning direction of the cutting line.

This is a function that makes it easy to avoid spreading grass onto unwanted areas and helps to eliminate unnecessary follow-up cleaning. With the added benefit of being blade capable, with the additional of an optional blade kit, the 536LiLX offers maximum versatility.

Precision handling is further enhanced by the step-less speed control, offering an intuitive petrol-product like feel – without the emissions. An interactive and intuitive keypad makes product operation as simple as pushing a button, which is exactly the way to quickly start and stop the trimmer, eliminating the need for starter cords and extra pulls.

Since the product is powered by a battery, the trimmer features a savE function that can maximise runtime by approximately 20 per cent by lowering the machine’s rpm (revolutions per minute).

The 536LiLX is also compatible with the backpack battery, so users can easily complete a whole day work on a single charge.

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