Shamir Australia Bercy 150 Safety Glasses

Reliable eye protection is like home/car insurance – you don’t realise how valuable it is until you really need it. But for a lot of people out there, uncomfortable clunky eyewear leads to end users just not wearing eyewear at all, leaving them exposed to potential eye damage. That’s where Shamir Australia’s Bercy range of medium impact safety glasses comes in. They look and feel like great-looking fashion-forward sunglasses, while offering unmatched protection with exceptional visual clarity and comfort for work and play!

For tradies and in particular landscapers, there’s no job too tough for the Bercy 150. Developed to withstand heavy impacts, making it perfect for landscaping, mowing, pruning, cutting and chopping, as well as after-hours lifestyle activities. The polarised and UV protected lens cuts through the water and glare beautifully, making the Bercy 150 great for fishing or checking out the surf in the morning before work, fishing or paddling.

Apart from the impressive optics and protection, it’s the strong and highly flexible and durable frame that will set these glasses aside from the competition. There wouldn’t be many people around harder on their glasses than tradies and landscapers, with flying debris impacting the lenses or glasses being sat on when left on the seat in the work ute all being ways that I’ve broken glasses in the past.

The Bercy 150 is made to stand up to that exact type of punishment.

The stylish wrap-frame design provides wearers with excellent ocular coverage, unmatched protection, exceptional visual clarity and comfort. Ideal for those who want durability and longevity out of their eyewear.

Test 1. Fit and protection at work and play
To test these glasses it was simply a matter of getting stuck into garden maintenance and even cutting timber with the circular saw. The glasses excelled when testing using a mower, line trimmer and 18V secateurs. With each of these tools there is always the possibility of flying debris and the way the contoured shape of the Bercy 150 fit to the face offered optimum protection. The quality of the lens always provided amazing visibility and the wraparound style provided excellent peripheral eye protection.

The best thing is you can have your prescriptions put into these glasses if you choose, making them extremely versatile. The glasses themselves fit well up against your face when working, meaning the chance of having any debris fly up under the glasses is very low.

After ripping into some work it was time to test the Bercy glasses at play. While fishing, the polarised lens cut through the glare and water beautifully, and when ocean paddling they really excelled stopping all the glare and harsh light during the two hours on the water.

Exceptional optics
Highly flexible and durable frame
Thermally responsive
Ergonomic wrap-around frame

Test 2. Comfort and flexibility
Comfort and the flexible frame of these glasses are big features, which both contribute to why they are going to be so successful as safety glasses. As the glasses are so comfortable to wear I was leaving them on for considerably longer periods of time so when on the worksite it meant I was protected for longer. They just don’t feel like safety glasses; they’re unlike other versions I would take off as soon as I had completed a task, putting them down as they were uncomfortable or had average optics, which often led to situations where I might be tempted to perform a task without the glasses because I couldn’t find them. Instead with the Bercy 150 I just left them on for most of the day and they didn’t leave pressure points on my face or become uncomfortable..

The wrap-up
Whether it’s at work or at play, there is no job too tough for the Bercy 150 Safety Glasses. The high impact protection, comfort, exceptional optics and highly flexible and durable frame all contribute to make this a standout safety product. The glasses are a pleasure to wear and due to its design and quality materials used will stand up to the test of time for landscapers and tradies.

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