Self-Propelled, Drive 21 Walk behind mower

With almost 70 years in the ride-on industry, COX have now launched their full range of Domestic and Commercial walk behind mowers.

Designed specifically for discerning lawn enthusiasts wanting a perfect cut every time, the new Professional series of Push and Drive mowers will deliver exceptionally smooth lawns for generations to enjoy.

The sizes on offer in the range include 18”, 19” and 21” with the flexibility to choose from either alloy or steel bases. COX’s whole range is equipped with the Kohler XTX775 engine producing 173cc, which is more than enough power to tackle any job. To ensure COX have catered for everyone in the market they have also included two levels of self-propelled mowers – a 19” Domestic and 21” Commercial mowers.

Drive19 is a belt-driven machine with a single speed gearbox reaching 5km/h;coupled with a steel deck and Kohler engine, this is a perfect combination for households.

Drive21 self-propelled mower is tailored for large households and contractors looking at completing serious work. Equipped with the class-leading shaft driven gearbox, all alloy cutter housing, 230mm large ball bearing wheels and COX’s legendary swing back blades, they ensure a quality finish no matter what.

Other great features of this machine include 73-litre Darcon grass catcher, selective 3 speed gearbox with speeds including 3, 5 and 7km/h, with an extended cutting height range from 20mm to 80mm. These machines have been purpose built for a commercial setting and a front bumper bar has been installed to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring to surrounding obstacles.

One of the class leading features on this machine is the Kohler XTX engine, which has Smart Choke, consistent cutting technology, easy pull recoil and the first Kohler engine which doesn’t require an oil change. This is achieved through the engine utilising a coolrunning overhead valve design and tough cast-iron cylinder bore, which in turn helps users minimise equipment downtime and costly repairs.

It’s safe to say a COX Drive21 selfpropelled mower will be able to handle anything in its path.

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