Investing to create and maintain beautiful landscapes and streetscapes, it is important that these planted environments survive and thrive. The Seasol Hort and Ag range is ideally suited to amenity horticulture and the complex demands of those who manage these created plant-scapes.

Seasol is proudly Australian owned and made, backed by over $12 million in research and development and voted as Australia’s most trusted brand in the garden.Seasol’s original liquid seaweed product is widely used from home gardens to intensive production horticulture across Australia and around the world. The Hort and Ag product range is available in large volume pack sizes in the double concentration used by professionals. It is also non toxic for plants and people meaning it is safe for you and your staff.

How to apply:
Seasol’s Hort and Ag liquid products can be used in a wide variety of ways: in watering cans, high volume water carts / trucks, foliar spraying with boom-sprays, hand spraying wands and fertiliser injection systems.The Seasol Hort and Ag range is filtered to 150 micron in manufacturing to ensure that it will pass through modern drip and spraying systems.

All products are safe to use and have no withholding periods.

When and which product to use:
• Watering of street trees – Seasol Commercial / Seasol plus Powerfeed / Soil Wetter.
• Nursery – Seasol Commercial drench to promote early root development.
• Planting out – Seasol Commercial as a “watering in” drench at 1:400 solution.
• Follow up after planting out – Seasol Commercial / Seasol Plus Powerfeed.
• Prior to and after extreme weather events, especially heat – Seasol Commercial / Seasol Plus Powerfeed
• Root growth in areas of root disease – Seasol Commercial / Seasol Plus Powerfeed
• Overcoming non-wetting – Soil Wetter.
• Recovering from water logging – Seasol Commercial
• All purpose fertiliser – Powerfeed / Seasol plus Powerfeed.

Pack sizes:
Products are available in 20 litre / 200 litre / 1000 litre
Some are also available in five litre.

Seasol Hort & Ag products are available from horticultural and rural supplies specialists and Bunnings Warehouses around Australia. Please consult our website ( to find your nearest stockist.

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