SDLG mini excavator models

SDLG mini excavator models are remarkable machines which ensure exceptional reliability and straightforward operation while minimising maintenance and offering outstanding value.

The SDLG brand has garnered worldwide recognition for its demonstrated reliability, and now SDLG’s national distributor, CJD Equipment, is introducing SDLG mini excavator models to the Australian market, allowing customers to experience the exceptional reliability firsthand.

Respected worldwide

Shandong Lingong Equipment (SDLG) is a rapidly expanding construction-equipment manufacturer in China, boasting over five decades of industry experience and a presence in over 130 countries. Since becoming part of the Volvo Group in 2007, SDLG has seamlessly incorporated Volvo’s design principles and high-quality standards into its machinery, resulting in cost-effective and dependable equipment that emphasises maintenance and ease of use.

Andrew Egan, National Product Manager for SDLG at CJD Equipment, has nothing but praise for the latest offerings in CJD Equipment’s range of SDLG mini excavators, characterised by their simplicity, reliability, comfort, and productivity.

CJD Equipment has introduced three new SDLG mini excavator models: the ER616F, ER636F, and E660FL.

Tailored for landscaping and smaller municipal construction projects, the ER616F is purposebuilt to embody robustness and reliability.

Small but mighty: ER616F

The SDLG ER616F mini excavator is a testament to the power of innovation and efficiency.

Despite its compact design, this machine delivers exceptional performance, versatility, and user-friendliness. It’s an invaluable partner for professionals in the landscaping and construction industries where time and adaptability are paramount.

As the smallest member of CJD Equipment’s excavator lineup, the ER616F weighs in at just 1.8 tonnes and packs an impressive punch with its 10kW/13hp Kubota engine. With a remarkable excavation force of 15kN, it effortlessly accommodates a variety of attachments, enhancing its adaptability for a wide array of applications.

Efficiency is at the forefront of the ER616F’s design, thanks to its energy-efficient and fuel-saving Kubota engine, allowing it to operate for extended periods without refuelling. Its zero-tail-swing configuration enables nimble manoeuvring in confined spaces, reducing the risk of accidental damage to nearby structures or obstacles.

Standard on the ER616F are high-quality hydraulic components which provide precise control and greatly enhance overall stability during operation – ensuring work is efficient and carried out with a high degree of accuracy.

High-quality hydraulic components are standard on the ER616F, providing precise control and greatly enhanced overall stability during operation.

Reliability, safety and easy maintenance

Tailored for landscaping and smaller municipal construction projects, the ER616F is purpose-built to embody robustness and reliability. Its user-friendly design caters to experienced operators and newcomers to excavation, with a well-placed mechanical accelerator, pilot handle, and control switch that assist operators in executing tasks swiftly and precisely without the risk of operator fatigue.

This blend of power, efficiency and userfriendliness positions the ER616F as an indispensable asset on any worksite.

What sets the ER616F apart is its exceptional performance and focus on providing operators with an extensive field of vision, ensuring tasks can be carried out with the utmost safety and efficiency. Integrated safety features such as rollover protection, tip-over protection and adherence to OP1 standard pressure generation and control components provide operators with peace of mind when tackling challenging conditions.

The deliberate grouping of key components, filters and lubrication systems beneath the main engine hood underscores the ER616F’s commitment to user convenience and to minimising maintenance — this, in turn, benefits operators and owners by maximising uptime and reducing operational costs.

The SDLG mini excavator range is an excellent choice for the Australian market, catering to customers seeking a premium product at a competitive price. Moreover, every new SDLG machine comes with a standard three-year/6000-hour warranty, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

User-friendly design includes a well-placed mechanical accelerator, pilot handle, and control switch.

A long-standing partnership

SDLG and CJD Equipment’s long-standing partnership also gives customers access to reliable and experienced, local, after-sales support. CJD branches and SDLG dealers, from Australian capital cities to regional country towns, are located nationally and have 24/7 parts and service support.

Andrew emphasised the importance of post-purchase support: “Purchasing a machine at a competitive price is one thing, but all machines can encounter unscheduled downtime. What truly matters is how quickly you can get it back to work and how much you can rely on the company that sold you the machine,” he said. “CJD has a well-established reputation in Australia for standing by its machinery and caring for customers. Nearly 50 years in the industry is a testament to our commitment. So, whether considering a new equipment purchase, replacement, or simply seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-maintain machine, SDLG is an excellent choice.”

For more details on the SDLG machinery range and to locate your nearest CJD Equipment branch or SDLG Dealer, please visit or call 1300 139 804.


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