New SDLG H-Series wheel loaders

The new SDLG H-Series wheel loaders are an exceptional addition to an outstanding range. These loaders combine durability and superior comfort, fuel efficiency, and productivity. Their proven track record makes SDLG wheel loaders a trusted choice for Australian operations, and they are now available in Australia through CJD Equipment.

Ideal for Australian landscapers SDLG H-Series wheel loaders are an excellent choice for your Australian landscaping operations, delivering:
• Reliable performance
• Simple operation
• Low maintenance, and
• Value for money.

As a member of the Volvo Group since 2007, Shandong Lingong Equipment (SDLG) is one of China’s fastest-growing construction-equipment manufacturers. Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, the internationally renowned brand is available in more than 130 countries around the world.

SDLG machinery also integrates Volvo’s design influence and quality standards, providing a cost-effective, versatile solution for heavy-load operations.

“CJD Equipment has been distributing SDLG wheel loaders in Australia for over 11 years,” explained Andrew Egan, National Product Manager for SDLG at CJD Equipment, “and in that time, our customers have experienced great success with the product in several different industries, including waste and recycling, agriculture, timber plants, and general construction.”

H-Series wheel loaders

The CJD offering of SDLG wheel loaders consists of five models ranging from the LG918 with 77hp, through to the 217hp L958F, including three new H-Series models: the L936HLA, L938H and L946H.

The new H-Series wheel loaders feature a high-torque, fuel-efficient, six-cylinder engine for powerful performance with superior reliability, and low maintenance that’s easily accessible for daily checks and service.

1. Safety features: SDLG wheel loaders prioritise operator safety by incorporating all necessary safety features within the cab. This series also features fully certified ROPS-FOPS rollover protection as standard.
2. Comfortable and low-noise environment: The cab’s ergonomic design and low-noise environment ensure operator comfort and alertness during operation.
3. Improved performance: For clear visibility, SDLG has designed an airconditioned cab with improved sealing performance, a suspension seat, and a wraparound pillarless front and rear windscreen.
4. Versatility: The factory-fitted quick coupler and third-function hydraulics enable the wheel loaders to adapt quickly to different attachments, enhancing their versatility and usability.

The CJD offering of SDLG wheel loaders includes three new H-Series models: the L936HLA, L938H and L946H.

The line up

The first new machine in the SDLG H-Series line-up is the 11-tonne, 105kW/141hp, L936HLA wheel loader with a bucket capacity of up to 1.8m3 and a rated load of three tonnes. The rear-axle-rated load capacity has been improved by 25 per cent, offering superior durability and increased productivity. This loader has a small footprint making it maneouverable, perfect for removal jobs and utility work.

The L938H wheel loader is also an 11-tonne, 105kW/141hp loader that delivers a 2.1m3 bucket capacity and the same impressive load capacity as the L936HLA. Although it features a four-speed power-shift transmission over the two-speed for greater speed capabilities and smoother shifting. It’s perfect for transporting and loading loose materials such as sand and soil. It’s also well-suited for tasks like feedlots and general material handling. With its exceptional performance and reliability, the L938H ensures smooth operations and increased productivity.

The L936HLA and L938H also include an automatic bucket and boom kick-out function to ensure optimal productivity during load carrying.

That leads us to the L946H, the largest wheel loader in the new H-Series range that CJD Equipment offers. At 13 tonne, 129kW/173hp with a four-tonne rated load capacity, 2.3m3 bucket, and optimised frame and boom structure, the L946H is widely used in heavy load and material handling applications.

Andrew emphasised: “The SDLG wheel loaders are an excellent option for customers looking for a premium product at a competitive price. SDLG machines come with a three-year, 6000-hour warranty as standard. The SDLG and CJD Equipment partnership delivers customers a robust and reliable product with 24/7 sales, parts and service support stretching across the nation’s regions and capital cities.

“CJD has consistently prioritised the satisfaction of its customers. Whether you are in the market for purchasing or replacing used equipment or simply seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and highly efficient machine, an SDLG wheel loader is an excellent choice,” Andrew added.

SDLG machines come with a three-year, 6000-hour warranty as standard.

Mini excavators

CJD also recently introduced SDLG’s three new mini excavators.

Providing comfort and reliability at the core, the ER616F, ER636F, and E660FL have either zero or reduced tail swing, durable rubber tracks and pilot hydraulicoperated controls, and are equipped with engines from globally recognised manufacturers Kubota and Yanmar.

“We are introducing 1.8-tonne to 6-tonne machines in the mini excavator range, all newly designed by SDLG, and offering exceptional power and stability at a competitive price. These machines will be great options for the landscaping industry, offering optimal power and stability without compromising quality,” Andrew mentioned.

Founded in 1974, CJD Equipment is a privately-owned Australian company and leading provider of world-class construction equipment and trucks.

For more information on the SDLG machinery range and to locate your local CJD Equipment branch or SDLG Dealer, visit or call 1300 139 804. 

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