Save time, make the job easy and increase productivity with Bago Litter Collection Systems

Anyone who performs commercial, industrial or strata landscape and grounds maintenance knows that one of the most time consuming and arduous tasks is the picking and removal of litter. It is something that is as important as mowing and hedging the gardens to a neat finish to enhance the finished job. To provide a complete professional job litter should be removed from lawn areas prior to mowing and from hard surface and garden areas on each service as it detracts from the overall presentation of any site.

There are various litter picking devices on the market of varied quality. The Bago litter plier and bag holder are unique designs that have been at the top of the UK market for over twenty years and a popular choice for local government municipalities throughout the UK.

Now available in Australia, nothing else both design wise or as operator friendly is available on the Australian market. The litter plier has been tested in a commercial application environment for the last twelve months here in Australia with no breakages, failures or wear issues and has now been released to the market.

Collection of litter is made even simpler with the unique bag holder which holds the end of a bag wide open for easy loading complete with a comfortable hand hold grip and a provision for litter segregation for recycling purposes.

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