Satusteam© The Value For Money Weed Control

The shift to Weedtechnics Satusteam© by councils in Australia has quadrupled in the past two years. The move away from increasing WHS compliance, litigation risk, chemical sensitivity and addressing community concerns is driving change.

At last count, 35 councils across Australia own machines or use a Satusteam© contractor focusing on their sensitive areas – playgrounds, schools, shopping precincts and waterways. They join hundreds of organic growers and property owners using Satusteam©.

Jeremy Winer, owner of Weedtechnics and developer of the Sautusteam© technique, has written and spoken widely about the range of methods available. Weed control with alternatives to glyphosate is  a growth market with numerous options. Considerations include capital costs, productivity, efficacy, WHS, ongoing input costs and public  perception.

Ultimately, it is up to the customers to review what is available and make a decision based on value for money.

The City of Subiaco, Perth, WA has just been through the process and awarded the highly sought after contract to Greensteam Australia. Jonothan Grey, MD of Greensteam Australia, has been contracting with his fleet of Weedtechnics Satusteam© machines across Perth for 15 years and was able to demonstrate proven productivity and efficacy when compared to other technologies.

The City of Subiaco published their comment, “While saturated steam will increase weed control costs for the City by 60 per cent, it was deemed the most effective and safe alternative to glyphosate after trialling a number of alternative methods  and products.”

Weedtechnics works with customers to select the model and accessories to maximise productivity. Then Satusteam Pro© training quickly brings the operator team up to speed in use, application, technique and maintenance.

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