Rover Pro Cut 950 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The 900 series are Rover’s top-of-the-line walk behind mowers for large areas. I recently had the opportunity to use the Rover Pro Cut 950 Self Propelled Lawn Mower, which has been on the market for around eight months. This is Rover’s flagship model – the largest in the fleet powered by Rover’s own engine.

Safety is paramount with any form of power equipment especially lawnmowers. Rover takes safety very seriously so they fitted a blade brake clutch to the lawn mower.

To activate the blades the operator must depress the lever on top of the handle bar while the engine is running then push the lever on the right handle. When the lever on the top handlebar is depressed the blades rotate, but when released the blades stop instantly (it is quite a loud sound when the blades cut out) allowing the engine to continue running. This is great for emptying the catcher, moving over hard surface areas or removing any objects from the mowing area. A ‘Safe Stop’ engine brake is also fitted so if the operator releases total grip of the handlebar, thus releasing the top brake clutch lever and the lower self-propulsion lever, the engine will stop eliminating any possible injury from the blades.


  • Engine 196cc Rover
  • Cutting width 21 inches / 53cm
  • Catcher capacity 65 litres
  • Blades 4 swing back


The large 21-inch alloy deck has been strengthened from previous models ensuring a rust-free and robust foundation. Height adjustment is via a single lever with 12 positions and large 9-inch ball bearing wheels with good tread for traction on sloped areas are fitted. Four swing-back blades ensure a nice cut and they throw the cut grass well into the 65-liter plastic catcher, filling it to capacity before leaving any residue. An indicator on top of the catcher warns the operator that the catcher is at capacity. A mulch plug is a standard inclusion and when fitted I found it cut well but did leave a small trail of grass residue on the surface.

The unit is powered by Rover’s own tested and proven 196cc OHV engine, which provides ample power for the application. A snorkel setup with the air filter located high on the left handlebar is excellent for our dusty conditions. It is removed easily without tools for inspection, cleaning or replacement. A snap-on hose fitting deck wash is located on top of the deck enabling the operator to easily clean and remove any built-up debris from the undercarriage with little effort.

The Pro Cut 950 Self Propelled Lawn Mower has a 5-year domestic warranty and a 3-month commercial warranty. It is very well priced for a mower of its size and capabilities at $999 and is suited to large open areas. The 950 features single speed self-propulsion that keeps good pace for a neat cut and catch.

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