Rivers Edge Turf Company

Who are they?

Rivers Edge Turf is a turf farm situated in Sydney’s north west.

Rivers Edge Turf has been growing turf commercially since 1988 and selling turf to retail market since 2007. Their market is mainly greater Sydney, but the work takes the company all over NSW.

They grow the four main strands of turf best suited to our climate, which are Buffalo, Kikuyu, Couch and Zoysia. This gives their customers the option of turf for sports fields or around their homes.

The Scope of Work

Rivers Edge Turf clients include councils, commercial landscapers, medium to small landscapers and residential. They sell mini rolls to small landscapers for smaller areas and maxi rolls for large open areas and sports fields (installation included). They do anything big or small, which makes Rivers Edge Turf versatile in the industry.

The Varieties That Rivers Edge Turf Have Growing Include:

  • SapphireR Buffalo is hard wearing with a finer leaf, soft to touch and has an excellent winter colour. It is suitable for around the home or in a public environment where low maintenance is required and is suited to most parts of Australia.
  • Nara™ Native Zoysia is very slow growing making it ideal for road verges and low traffic areas in an ornamental situation. Nara has great erosion control properties. It is extremely drought tolerant and has an excellent salt tolerance.
  • Santa Ana couch is a premium couch. It is robust, quick growing and has a very fine leaf. Santa Ana is used on sports fields, golf courses and where specified.
  • Kikuyu is mainly used on sports fields and some fairways, or as a budget alternative around the home.

Phone (02) 4579 9009

Check out Rivers Edge Turf on the web www.returf.com.au for more information.

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