RG-800 Mini Tracked Dumper

Successful tradies and contractors need to get their jobs completed successfully within the allocated time and on budget. Preferably, without smashing their workers and employees so hard they risk injuries or mistakes. I’ll be honest, I’m all for rolling up the sleeves and getting the job done, but in the long run it’s about working smarter not harder. Therefore, introducing smart machinery that can fast-track your work load and reduce any potential risk or injury is always going to be a sensible way to go, especially when the cost of said machinery is more than made up by the reduction of man hours on your weekly jobs. After all time is money.

The RG-800 Mini Tracked Dumper from Rhino Grande is one such piece of kit that can be a real game changer for contractors and business owners out there. The clever track-mounted, self-loading load dumper has a capacity of 800kg with a hydraulically operated scissor lift, which easily lifts the bucket to a height of 1450mm at the bucket pivot. This enables the material to be dumped straight into a truck or 6m skip bin. They had me at scissor lift!

When I think back to the earlier days of my career and try to count the loads of buckets and wheelbarrows full of concrete, blue metal, road base and numerous other materials I’ve manually handled my back hurts just thinking about it. So it’s safe to say this machine is going to make life a lot easier and a hell of a lot more productive for many businesses where productivity and effi ciency are important. I can see landscapers, plumbers, builders and other trades and professions that have requirements to move earth or a long list of other materials embracing the RG-800.

Great Access

The elements that make me think this machine is going to perform so well is that at 850mm wide its access is perfect for narrow passageways and other hard-to-get-to areas. It could even go through the front door if you needed it to. The 800kg load capacity can be filled with its self-loading bucket in three good scoops. The fact that this machine can not only lift and dump its load, but also dig and scoop to fill its own bucket is very clever. This machine will be the perfect addition for businesses with small teams who still need to power through labour-intensive tasks.

The 13hp 4-stroke petrol Briggs & Stratton engine with auto start is reliable and powerful. The entire machine offers great value overall. Easy servicing and maintenance is also a key factor to the features of this machine.

Testing Time

We tested the machine starting on relatively easy mulch and wood chips to get a feel for the loading and dumping process and the controls. It only took 20 minutes or so to get a good feel for the mini loader, so after half a dozen loads of the lighter material we made our way to a much harder and heavier pile of dirt and rock that had been drenched and dried out at least fi ve times over the last week. A good crust had formed on the top layer that needed to be broken up by the scoop fi rst. Make no mistake this machine is not an excavator, but I was still impressed with its ability to break up the pile and substantial chunks of sandstone and rock.

Rhino Grande have really shown off their talent for creating quality machinery designed and engineered to save owners time and money through innovation. As a structural landscaper and co-owner of Impact Pools – specialising in landscaping, paving and decking in and around various sized pools in backyards on the east coast around the Sydney and Central Coast areas – we often experience access problems, which a machine like the RG-800 would solve. It also has lifting points to be craned into position if needed. For the price I can’t see any business with high labour costs going wrong by purchasing the Rhino Grande RG-800.

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