The ideal van for professional landscaping businesses

With huge storage capacity and premium finish and features, Renault Trafic is built for work from the ground up.

Renault Trafic has been thoughtfully redesigned for maximum freedom and flexibility in day-to-day business use, while remaining comfortable and practical.

With refined exterior styling for a dynamic road presence and new safety, driver assistance and connectivity features, Trafic will cope with the toughest of work days, ensuring comfort on the way to and from the worksite for those in the cab, effortlessly hauling the tools and equipment needed for full day’s landscaping or property maintenance in the secure cargo area.

The modular workstation is unrivalled in the industry and provides plenty of practical and generous storage areas to make Renault Trafic the ultimate mobile office. Loaded with new tech, Renault Trafic features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard to stay connected on the move. Plus, with a wireless smartphone charger and multiple USB ports, your devices will stay charged throughout the work day. Travel time in Trafic is an opportunity to order material for the next job, stay in touch with the team or even check in with the office to update the day’s schedule.

Loaded with new tech, Renault Trafic features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Work space

Renault Trafic has an impressive cargo area. It features the longest loading length in its category, up to 4.15m, so keeping long items like posts and borders secure and out of the elements is made easy thanks to the innovative load-through flap in the bulkhead. Plus, with up to 14 anchoring points and a 12v power socket, the cargo area allows the safe and secure transport of bulky and awkward machinery like mixers and compactors.

Trafic is powered by an efficient and powerful turbo-charged 2.0L diesel engine which delivers impressive performance – 125kW of power and 380Nm of torque, making towing a breeze. But power doesn’t come at the expense of efficiency. The auto gearbox delivers a very budget-friendly 6.5L/100km fuel consumption on the combined cycle. When combined with the large 80L fuel tank, Renault Trafic delivers best-in-class driving range, and that means more time delivering first-class earthworks and less time sitting idle at service stations.

An impressive cargo area features the longest loading length in its category.

Work safe

Trafic keeps you safe on the road too, with 10 new driver-assistance systems, including active emergency braking, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitor, and adaptive cruise control. Plus, with front, rear, and side parking sensors and a rear-view camera, Trafic makes parking effortless. After a long, tough day labouring in the sun, Trafic helps make the drive home a safe and comfortable one.

With up to 14 anchoring points and a 12v power socket, the cargo area caters to different needs.

All rounder

When a business needs to rely on its vehicles, it can rely on Trafic.

The Renault van is built and designed for work. Whether it’s taking advantage of the robust construction for hauling the tools and materials of a big job, towing a loaded work trailer or making the most of travel time using the modular mobile office in the cabin, Renault Trafic sets the standard for medium-sized commercial vehicles.

It even looks good, making a great impression on potential clients and existing customers.

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