Reloading, Redefined

Reload your trimmer in seconds with the Gator® SpeedLoad™ Trimmer Head and Line System now available at Briggs & Stratton Australia.

A revolutionary new trimmer head and line system that removes the hassles of loading the trimmer line – fast and easy, the Oregon Gator® SpeedLoad™ Cutting System offers an integrated head and disk-like system that simplifies the replacement of trimmer line. Since it is pre-coiled, no winding, spooling, or cutting of line is required. This dramatically reduces the loading and unloading time from a few minutes to about 20 seconds.

The innovative tongue-and-groove disk not only loads quickly, but it also lasts up to twice as long as the typical line, which means you’ll spend more time on the job and less time reloading line. It’s reloading, redefined.

The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System offers three heads to fit most straight and bent shaft trimmers including Victa, Echo, Shindaiwa and other popular trimmers. It features a durable glass fiber head, which is extremely resistant to wear with no loose parts and opens easily without the need of tools. No winding, no tangles, just trimming.

The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is now available exclusively at authorised Briggs & Stratton dealers.
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