Rasion, The Only Professional Electric Mower

Thanks to its power and being light weight, the Rasion mower makes it possible for landscaping professionals to enjoy optimal comfort at work while being productive and environmentally friendly.

French manufacturer PELLENC’s range of lawnmowers has already received several awards since it came on the market, including the ÖGA innovation prize (2016) and the equipment prize at the SMCL French Mayors’ and Local Authorities’ Fair (2014).

Innovations Advancing Productivity

To avoid any health risks associated with working conditions over long periods, landscaping and urban green-space professionals are always on the lookout for ergonomic and lightweight equipment. That is why PELLENC has chosen to focus its R&D on reducing the weight of its tools. As a result, the brand has come out with a professional mower weighing less than 30kg; the lightest on the market. This advantage – coupled with long battery life – means that Rasion users can mow for several hours (up to five hours, or approximately 5000m² of land) and give their productivity a boost!

An Environmentally-Friendly Mower

Rasion is 100 per cent electric and low consumption thanks to its ultra-hi-tech battery and the outstanding efficiency of its motor. Its petrol-free operation makes it discreet, producing no fumes and little noise. This makes it the ideal tool for working at any time of day or in urban areas. These features all stem from PELLENC’s environmental policy, for which the Rasion was rewarded in 2014 with the French

Ministry of the Environment’s Enterprise and Environment Award (category: eco-product for sustainable development).

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