Raise the bar, and the pressure, with the brand new Masport AVA Series pressure washer range

Designed in Norway from extensive research combined with consumer and retail feedback based on existing pressure washers in the market, the Masport AVA Series offers you a quality, unique solution to improve your cleaning game.

The Masport AVA series has won several design awards, such as the 2019 Red Dot Award for Product Design due to its user friendliness, efficiency and performance.

Master series
The Master series in the Masport AVA line up is premium and is the most tilt-resistant series on the market. The Master series includes a large list of innovative features including:

  • “Follow me” hose reel to ensure effortless winding and unwinding
  • High quality four piston metal pump that delivers power, increased waterflow, reliability and long-lasting operation
  • Large sturdy wheels for easy manoeuvrability and transportation
  • Zero-force pressure gun which reduces strain on hands
  • Zoom lance which can be fully extended to make cleaning easier and more comfortable
  • Onboard storage which allows the user to store and carry accessories when not in operation
  • Available in two different models, both suited to the larger cleaning jobs, the 2400W, 540L per hour, 150 bar, P70, and the 2100W, 500L per hour, P60 which has a maximum pressure of 145 bar

Smart series
Next up is the Smart series. Boasting several successful features of the Master series, in a more compact form without compromising on performance.

The 1800w 420L per hour, Smart P50, has a maximum pressure of 130 bar, features a 3-piston metal pump, and as with all Masport AVA Series, the steel reinforced rubber hose.

Go series
Lastly, the Go series, which is the most compact and lightweight pressure washer from this range. Perfect for those who only have a patio or car to clean or have limited storage space.The 1700W, 390L per hour Go P40 has a maximum pressure of 120 bar.Its compact design makes it extremely easy to carry and transport. Simply fit it in the boot or backseat of your car, and its ready to take anywhere you go.

The Masport AVA series also includes a wide range of versatile accessories that can be fitted and stored onto each pressure washer.

For greater peace of mind, these pressure washers come with a seven-year warranty, with five years as standard, plus an additional two years upon online registration.

For more information, please visit www.masportavaseries.com

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