Quality Commercial Litter Collection Tools

Quality commercial litter collection tools – Made in the U.K. – Assembled in Australia

Bago litter collection tools are made to withstand the punishment these types of tools endure on a daily basis.

They are constructed of quality materials and are made to last, unlike most others that are built to a price. Some brands are half the price today than they were 15 years ago – there is no way they can be made to a cheap price without compromising on quality! They just won’t last or perform adequately in a commercial environment.

Bago litter collection tools are made of quality components ensuring they perform well for long periods. Bago litter tools sold to a commercial operator three years ago are still in service with the original tips (tips are replaceable when they do wear).

Bago litter plier tips are precise enough to pick up tiny objects such as matchsticks, needles or cigarette butts and rugged enough to easily grab full drink bottles thanks to their scalloped ribbed design.

Litter Pliers

  • Toughest and most efficient on the market
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Opens wider than competitors to pick up larger objects
  • No inaccessible internal parts to fail like others
  • Long lasting replaceable tips
  • Quality aluminium tubes and stainless steel fasteners

Bag Holder

  • Eliminates the annoying problem of trying to hold open the end of a garbage bag to deposit collected litter
  • Bag changes in less than 30 seconds
  • Comfortable hand hold grip
  • Provision for litter segregation for recycling purposes

– Available on-line and at selected power equipment stores

– More retail stockists required

– For a demonstration, inspection or pricing on multiple items email: andrew@artlandscapetools.com.au or phone 0477 772 050.

– For more information visit www.artlandscapetools.com.au

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