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Professional trimming just got easier.

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Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — unveils a new trimmer designed for professionals who want a sturdy product and intuitive controls that make it easy to use.

 The Husqvarna 522L trimmer is built with a solid drive shaft and magnesium clutch housing, ensuring low weight, increased durability and better resistance, as well as fuel tank protection for a sturdy product.

With Smart Start® built into the trimmer, the 522L delivers faster starting efficiency, so professionals can focus on getting the job at hand completed. Adjustable handles means the 522L trimmer can be adjusted to suit each user’s physical requirements, and at a weight of just 4.2 kg, users can handle and manoeuvre the product easily and with less effort.

Intuitive controls for easy use

The T35 Tap-n-Go trimmer head comes standard on the 522L trimmer, which is a semi-automatic head trimmer head that gives users the option of either feeding the trimmer line automatically when the T35 head is pushed into the ground — so users can choose the exact length of the trimmer line, depending on specific cutting conditions and their needs. This innovative trimmer head is easy to use and saves time during operation, since users do not have to stop the machine if they want a longer trimmer line, but can do it while the machine is running.

The choke and purge function on the 522L trimmer is made to be intuitive, having been designed for professionals to quickly see if the choke is active because the switch is coloured a bright blue. Activating the choke control has been designed to be as simple as pulling out the lever.

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