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Husqvarna Front Mowers

Today 20 to 30 per cent of all general cutting costs are tied to trimming, hillside cutting, walk behind mowing or smaller ride-on trimming. This results in lower productivity and increased labour costs, which can lead to reduced revenue. The reason behind this is that most machines haven’t been designed for the complex grass areas that professional landscapers often have to deal with on a daily basis.

The exception is the Husqvarna P525D commercial front mower: a front mower with intuitive operation and a superior standard for close trimming. Perfect for narrow spaces that would normally force an operator to go back and forth to reposition the machine and avoid obstructions.

The P525D is able to cover both big areas and more complex spaces with slopes and tight corners. The secret lies in a unique “dog-bone” articulated steering function, which has a dynamic weight transfer that instantly affects the machines’ centre of gravity. To the operator that means increased traction on the front inner wheel when needed, improved handling and immediate response.

The inside of the robust Combi deck has been stamped out of one solid, 4.5mm thick piece of metal to optimise air flow and the smooth arches, without welded seams that cause clogging, force every piece of grass to pass the blades repeatedly. The result is market-leading mulching with nothing but a finely chopped layer of grass left behind.

The machine has great stability and balance thanks to a low centre of gravity, and the compact size plus articulated steering ensures full command at all times. To avoid interfering with driving, the control panel is placed on the right hand side, complemented by ergonomic pedals that ensure instant and precise speed control. The specially sculpted, highly comfortable driver’s seat makes long days behind the wheel feel a lot shorter.

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