Precision Performance With PRO-S™ Pop-Up Sprinkler

The PRO-S™pop-up sprinkler is designed to provide long life and outstanding performance.

The result of precision engineering and extensive field testing by contractors around the world, the PRO-S™ is designed to provide long life and outstanding performance. PRO-S™ pop-up sprinkler are distinguished by robust construction, rugged body and cap, co-moulded seal and heavy-duty retraction spring. Available in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 12” pop-up heights, PRO-S™ sprinklers are compatible with all standard female-threaded nozzles. PRO-S™ pop-up sprinklers are built with the contractor in mind.

Flushing Cap: When an irrigation system is built, it often has a build-up of dirt and debris in the system, before it is turned on. The PRO-S™ is equipped with a flushing cap (blue), which allows the system to be turned on and purged, cleaning out any dirt and debris. The flushing cap also allows a system to be tested first, before any nozzles are fitted. The PRO-S™ riser stem features an industry standard male thread, this accepts ALL brands of female-threaded nozzles.

Co-moulded Wiper Seal: is a great innovative feature! Other sprinklers have a separate seal that gets lost, damaged or incorrectly installed. The co-moulded seal in the PRO-S™ is an integral part of the cap, so it improves the reliability, guarantees it’s always included in the assembly and prevents being damaged, ensuring a leak-free sprinkler.

Microbe Resistant Seal

Soils contain many types of microbes. Over time, these microbes eat away and deteriorate rubber seals, causing leaking & broken sprinklers. The PRO-S™ range of pop up sprinklers has a ‘Microbe Resistent Seal’. The polymer used to make the seal prevents the microbes attacking the seal, increasing the life span of the sprinkler by making this seal last longer.

Ratcheting Riser

The ratcheting riser in the PRO-S™ is a great feature! It allows the spray pattern to be easily adjusted into position.

The ratchet at the base of the riser stem allows you to ‘re-orientate’ the spray pattern to cover the correct area in the garden or lawn, once the nozzle has been fitted.

Heavy Duty Retraction Spring

Using a high quality spring, the PRO-S™ is guaranteed to retract fully every time. This protects your nozzle and prevents any damage to the sprinkler itself, keeping your system fully operational and reliable.

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