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PPG as a company and the great things it produces

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For many decades, PPG Industries, the global leader in paints and coatings, has been producing coating systems and solutions for many industries around the globe and in Australia.

Whether it be the paint on your car, van, truck, boat, ship or mining vehicle or the paint applied to a commercial or military aircraft, only the best technology and materials are utilised to ensure all PPG products are of the highest quality. They depend upon a spectrum of individuals to deliver top-tier products and services to their customers.

At PPG, they work every day to develop and deliver paint products that protect and beautify the world.

Understanding the challenges and needs of the landscaping community
In the landscaping industry, we all know the challenges and amount of hard work and maintenance that is required to protect exterior timber projects including timber decking, screens, stairs and cladding especially, given the various extreme weather conditions, climates and UV exposure Australia offers. Using the right product that offers the very best protection whilst allowing the timber project to look its absolute best and perform for as long as possible is such an important decision.

Your choice between colour or natural beauty
PPG discovered through research that customers actually want transparent coatings so that the pure beauty of the woodgrain can be enjoyed, especially during the spring and summer time. This is why they have added the latest trend colours to make sure you have the best options for your home design.

PPG’s experience of providing a wide range of architectural coatings to multiple construction channels means they know the colours and combinations that work best and last.

How and why PPG developed a woodcare category and products best suited for Australia including the unique selling properties and product advantages
Several years ago, PPG embarked on developing a woodcare product for the Australian market that could deliver the attributes required by DIY and professional consumers giving them a trusted solution for their exterior woodcare projects. Johnstone’s Professional Woodcare was born and development commenced on providing a woodcare product that is:
• Easy to apply
• Can be recoated in an hour
• Does not remain tacky and sticky
• Offers additional protection against mould and fungal growth
• Provides excellent transparency so the beauty of the timber is visible
• Offers excellent durability and longevity for different climatic scenarios

Two years was spent in product development, including accelerated outdoor exposure testing, which delivered results that surpassed those of established competitors in the marketplace.

PPG stands at the forefront of global woodcare technology and performance and have utilised this position to design, develop and successfully test Johnstone’s products in Australia to combat the unique environment, harsh climate, and challenging local conditions.

Product range
The Johnstone’s Professional woodcare range is entirely water based and environmentally friendly. Transparent iron oxides are used in the tinters to provide greater transparency and optimum UV protection. Johnstone’s Professional Prep products for removing hardwood tannins, cleaning and brightening aged timber and a stripper for removing old coating systems. Decking oils suitable for all types of hard and softwood species including a slip resistant decking oil with a R11 slip resistant rating. Exterior oils for enhancing and protecting timber joinery, cladding, retaining walls, screens gates and fences. A colourless clear exterior oil that will not change the colour of specialty timbers.

We offer a complete range of products from preparation and maintenance, deck oils, exterior oils, and interior to be your one-stop brand for all woodcare needs.

This premium range of top-performing and innovative coatings exceed expectations making sure your next woodcare project is quick, simple and with brilliant results.

Johnstone’s Professional – from the makers of Taubmans
Johnstone’s Professional has had a long history as one of the UK’s most professional paint brands since 1890. And like Taubman’s, who manufactures the Johnstone’s range in Australia, PPG pride themselves on nothing but excellence in every product.

They are committed to progressing product performance and constantly pursuing innovative excellence. They specialise in meeting and exceeding the needs of DIY, trade professionals and specifiers who care about their work, demand premium-quality products and believe in the best possible results It’s the woodcare system you can be proud of and rely upon.

Johnstone’s Professional’s special formulation
Johnstone’s Professional’s products introduce specially developed formulas and built-in technology to provide nourishment and protection to keep timber looking better for longer.

Specially formulated for superior UV protection, each product offers dual action protection by using super durable pigments and ultraviolet absorbers to block out harmful UV rays for longer-lasting results while allowing the natural beauty of the timber to remain visible.

Every product in their range contains advanced fungal, dirt and mould protection. Their formulas introduce technology with advanced biocides which makes the coating resist mould growth for up to two times longer versus conventional woodcare products.

Whether you’re a DIY painter, a trade professional, or a specifier, you’ll be happy with Johnstone’s Professional’s one hour recoat. Built for superior speed, durability and easy clean-up, Johnstone’s Professional’s water-based range recoats in just an hour and is touch dry in just 30 minutes. Compared to traditional oil-based products, you can easily finish any timber project in just a day and enjoy your timber longer.

A new standard in Australian decking and woodcare system
PPG conducted rigorous laboratory testing using in-house PPG and Australian test methods. Testing was performed to Australian standards, where applicable under all weather conditions. This includes testing under direct sun, humidity, and rain. Water (salt and chlorinated) and abrasion testing was done using in-house PPG methodology.

Tests were conducted against market-leading competitors un the same segment using water-based and oil-based decking oil.

Product availability
Johnstone’s Professional woodcare products are available from Taubmans Trade Centres and Bristol Paint stores nationwide. They are also available at good independent paint and hardware stockists and via special order through Bunning’s.

You can also visit https://www.johnstoneswoodcare.com.au/ to learn more about Johnstone’s Professional’s product portfolio and learn more about the range through the project how too videos.

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