Power Flex® 42-Volt GT 4235 Brushcutter

The GT 4235 Brushcutter is another tool I have tested in the Power Flex® 42-volt landscape maintenance range. The Power Flex® range of landscape maintenance tools are manufactured by German company solo and are distributed here in Australia by the well-respected Masport company.

Powering the unit is solo’s 42-volt brushless motor, which has two speeds enabling the operator to effortlessly change between Eco mode and Power mode. Eco mode is suited to regular trimming of light material whilst the Power mode is for tackling tougher brush.

Utilising the Eco mode also conserves battery life although whilst using I mainly operated in the Power mode to get through both light and tough material quickly. Battery runtime is up to 100 minutes with the 7.5Ah battery, which I assume is in Eco mode and would obviously be less if constantly operating in Power mode. This would usually be the case because this style of bike handle machine is designed for slashing jobs. The bike handle design is comfortable and has the on/off switch and speed mode controls on the grip for easy operator actions.

The GT 4235 is also blade capable, which is a rarity in battery powered machines.

A comfortable full harness makes operation effortless, as does the weight. Considerably lighter that its petrol-powered bike handled counterparts it weighs only 3.9kg dry and 6kg loaded with the battery.

Included in the package is a bump feed nylon head and a three-tooth blade for tougher material.

The unit performed well and is well balanced. The main advantage was reduced operator effort required for operation of a blade capable machine. Blade capable petrol machines are noisy, heavy and tough on the operator whereas the GT 4235 is quiet and light with minimal vibrations.

Other advantages are not having restricted operating times like noisy petrol- powered machines, reduced running costs, reduced maintenance and no harmful emissions. One thing to note with this and many battery powered machines when used in a commercial situation is run times, so multiple batteries will be required for this type of application.

The Power Flex® GT 4235 Brushcutter has many advantages over conventional brushcutters and having multiple landscape tools that run from the same battery means an operator can go completely petrol free with the solo brand.

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