Power Flex® 42-Volt CS 4235 Chainsaw

Another great tool for the landscape industry is the Power Flex® 42-volt CS 4235 Chainsaw. As mentioned in previous articles, these tools are manufactured in Germany and distributed here in Australia by the well-known company, Masport.

The CS 4235 is powered by the latest generation 42-volt high torque brushless motor, which proved to provide ample power while cutting both wet and dry timber. Utilising the powerful 7.5Ah battery, the expected run time is up to 35 minutes, which means a commercial operator would ideally need multiple batteries, a vehicle, or on site charging facilities. The chainsaw has two speeds; Eco-mode which is designed for light pruning work and will help conserve battery life, and power mode which spins  the chain at impressive speeds, up to 22m/s, enabling me to make quick, neat and precise cuts on various materials.

The CS 4235 is fitted with a 14-inch (35cm) Oregon bar and 3/8LP chain. Adjusting or fitting the chain is a simple process and requires no tools for chain tension or installation of the side cover. This is great for on-the-job adjustments and chain replacements. I like the bar oil reservoir because it has a large opening on the top, which reduces the risk of spillage as is often a problem with some machines with small openings in awkward positions.

A clear viewing strip on the reservoir is a nice touch enabling the operator to monitor oil levels at a glance.

The chainsaw is lightweight at only 3.9kg, as the battery is separate to the chainsaw, unlike many battery powered chainsaws where the battery is inserted into the saw adding to its weight. The battery is inserted into a waist belt and supported via a comfortable full shoulder harness, which

is padded and adjustable. A cord from the battery is then inserted into the rear handle of the chainsaw. There are pros and cons to this system: the light weight makes it easy for the operator to use for extended periods and manoeuvre, especially whilst tackling delicate pruning work. The drawback is that I found the cord, which supplies the power to the machine from the battery, may get caught on obstacles and branches.

Overall, the Power Flex® CS 4235 Chainsaw performed well and was comfortable to use. It is distributed by a reputable company, so after-sales  support and spares should not be a problem like some non-branded battery powered products on the market.

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