Power and Performance Husqvarna Professional Leaf Blowers

For years, Husqvarna professional blowers have set the highest standard for both power and ergonomics. Each unit is designed to balance comfort features such as low vibrations with extreme performance in all conditions, season after season.

As a professional landscaper, you know power and performance are non-negotiable attributes. Husqvarna’s commercial-grade blowers have been designed for maximum productivity and minimal user strain. From the fuel tank’s capacity to the shape of the nozzle, every detail is optimised for performance to make your workday more profitable and more convenient. These powerful professional blowers have been designed for demanding tasks. High airflow and high air speed are provided by an effective fan design coupled with a powerful engine. A commercial-grade air filter gives a long operating time, and the harness with wide shoulder straps spreads the weight to reduce fatigue and strain on your back, arms, and hands.

Husqvarna 525BX
A lightweight, powerful, and well-balanced professional blower. Engineered with both a top handle and lower grip, the 525BX is easy to use with either the left or right hand. This model features X-Torq engine technology and a special fan and housing design for high blowing capacity that is easy to control. To further maximise user comfort, the 525BX has a unique LowVib design and intuitive controls for efficient and convenient operation.

Cylinder Displacement 25.4 cc / Power Output 0.9 kW / Air Speed (flat nozzle) 86 m/s / Weight 4.3kg

Husqvarna 580BTS
Do you need maximum power from your backpack blower? Look no further than the Husqvarna 580BTS, a powerful commercial backpack blower designed for the most demanding tasks. Heavy airflow and high air speed are delivered by an efficient fan working in harmony with the X-Torq® engine. The commercial-grade air filter ensures a long operating time and troublefree use, plus, you’ll always feel comfortable with the wide, padded shoulder straps on the fully adjustable harness.

Cylinder Displacement 75.6 cc / Power Output 3.3 kW / Air Speed (flat nozzle) 93 m/s / Weight 11.8kg

Husqvarna 525iB (Battery Blower)
A well-balanced, comfortable and efficient professional battery blower with impressive blow force. The machine’s low noise level allows you to work quietly and efficiently even in the most public of settings. An easy tap on the keypad starts the machine instantly, and the cruise control means full focus on blowing leaves and debris away. The blower also has a boost power mode that gives you a little extra power when needed.

Battery Voltage 36 V / Battery Type Li-Ion / Air Speed 48 m/s / Weight 2.4kg (without battery)

For a fast and powerful tool to clean up leaves from lawns, roads, pathways, and other landscaped areas look no further than the Husqvarna professional blower series.

To find the right blower for your needs, visit www.husqvarna.com

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