Unique. That would be the quickest way to introduce Husqvarna’s brand new range of handheld professional products with an integrated, changeable battery that delivers petrol performance, without the fuel emissions.

Based on the wants and needs of professional arborists, contractors, landscapers and gardeners, the Husqvarna professional battery range is characterised by their outstanding performance, as well as delivering every battery benefit; such as low noise levels, low vibrations and clean operation – providing professional operators with an extremely comfortable, exhaust free working environment.

All of the handheld battery products have been built around one interchangeable system, enabling the same battery to be used with a complete fleet of professional outdoor tools. The products can be bought separately, or as a kit with the best-suited battery pack and quick-charger, offering continuous operation from the get go. Husqvarna’s savE™ technology, easily activated on the intuitive keypad, optimises maximum runtime and helps get the most out of every battery.

For professional operators, a battery powered product is like money in the bank. While the initial investment may be higher than the petrol-fuelled equivalent, it is the whole of life cost savings from the battery products that will soon outweigh the initial cost. With a battery powered product, it’s not only fuel cost savings you will experience, but with fewer parts to be serviced and the electronically controlled drive system, you will experience less down time and lower operational costs over the lifetime of the machine.

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