Performance You Can Count On With Husqvarna V500 Series

The combination of hard-to-match manoeuvrability and high speed makes stand-on mowing unprecedented when it comes to efficiency.

The Husqvarna V500 series stand-on mower combines heavy-duty construction with industrial strength drive systems to deliver long lasting operation and increased productivity, in any commercial application. The extreme manoeuvrability, comfortable and ergonomic handling, outstanding cut quality and speed of operation will make child’s play of managing even the toughest lawns.

The V500 is a highly durable, super-efficient work horse. It’s designed to fit compactly on a landscaping trailer allowing you to transport more equipment to the job site – saving time and money. The V500 is designed to maximise your productivity, and thanks to operator friendly controls, you’ll be up and running in no time.

A heavy-duty fabricated deck mows faster and longer with an exceptional cut quality. It’s built to handle high or rough grass. The ergonomic operator interface makes the V500 extremely precise and controllable. A carefully measured weight distribution allows for ideal manoeuvrability and traction while the lightweight deck lift makes changing the height from 1” to 5” fast and easy. The ergonomic body cushion and dampened hydraulic controls ensure a comfortable work position, while the unique flip up standing platform allows the user to take on the steepest of inclines.

The heavy-duty construction of the V500 also offers a safe return on investment. Every detail of the machine is tested including the engine, transmission, frame, cutting deck, controls, spindles and yokes – it’s been constructed using the toughest materials all made to withstand long years of tough commercial use. For additional peace of mind, it’s all backed by Husqvarna’s commercial warranty. All maintenance points are easily accessed with just a few simple tools.

Compact stand-on mowers provide the best of both worlds. The operator has all the power and functionality of sit-down zero turn mowers, as well as traditional walk behind mowers. Zero turn mowers are seen as one of the top lawn mowing solutions due to their astounding productivity levels, while stand-on mowers are favoured for their speed, comfort, visibility, and practicality.

Improvements of the overall weight of this type of commercial mower mean that speed and productivity are increased.

Many Australian properties will also appreciate the reduced likelihood of unwanted ruts from being created in the soil. When you combine everything together, you find a commercial lawn mower that saves time and money while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

The V500 Series – Outstanding Performance for Professionals.

Key Benefits

  • Palm deck release allows the deck to quickly lower into position automatically
  • Improved efficiency and manoeuvrability with the flip up platform
  • The operator’s console places all controls at the fingertips for ease-of-use
  • Improved weight distribution by placing the operator between the axles for increased traction and balance Spring-assisted deck lift for easy lowering and raising throughout the day
  • Maximum comfort while standing with the specially designed operator’s cushion
  • A higher operator positioning provides improved visibility for precise steering

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