Performance and durability

Performance and durability aren’t just desired in the world of commercial landscaping. Along with efficiency and reliability, they are required. The Hustler Fastrak 48″ zero-turn mower is a machine that promises to deliver on all fronts, with features that cater to the needs of professionals.

The Hustler Fastrak 48″ is designed with commercial applications in mind. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, while the zero-turn capability ensures no area is left unattended. This mower is not just about maintaining lawns; it’s about enhancing productivity, performance and durability. With the ability to cover more ground in less time, landscapers can take on more jobs and increase their profitability. The 48″ fabricatedsteel cutting deck is robust enough to handle varied terrains and consistent enough to deliver a clean cut every time, which is crucial for maintaining the professional appearance of commercial properties.

Built to work

At the heart of the Hustler Fastrak 48″ lies the 22HP V-twin Kawasaki engine.

Known for its reliability and power, this engine provides the muscle needed to tackle long hours of work without faltering. The Kawasaki engine’s reputation for easy maintenance also means less downtime and more time spent on the job. It’s an engine built for those who can’t afford to take a day off.

The 48″ fabricated-steel cutting deck is not just about size; it’s about the quality of the build. Fabricated from 10-gauge steel with reinforced edges, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use. The deck’s design also plays a pivotal role in the mower’s cutting efficiency, ensuring grass is cut evenly and dispersed properly, leaving behind a manicured lawn that stands as a testament to the landscaper’s skill.

The Hustler Fastrak 48″ is designed with commercial applications in mind. Image: Hustler mowers


Understanding the demands of commercial use, Hustler backs the Fastrak 48″ with a 750-hour commercial warranty. This warranty is a statement of confidence in the product’s quality and durability. It assures professionals their investment is protected and that Hustler stands behind its machinery. This level of assurance is invaluable for businesses that rely on their equipment to be operational day in and day out.

Adding to the robust features of the Hustler Fastrak 48″ zero-turn mower, the inclusion of a standard roll-over protection bar (ROPS) is a testament to the brand’s commitment to safety. This feature is crucial for protecting the operator in the event of accidental rollovers, which, while rare, can be a risk when working on uneven terrain. The ROPS is designed to withstand the weight of the mower, ensuring the space around the operator remains intact and the risk of injury is minimised.

Reliable and efficient

The mower is equipped with dual Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 transmissions, known for their durability and ability to deliver smooth, responsive control. These commercial-grade transmissions are built to handle heavy loads and tough conditions, ensuring the Fastrak 48″ can perform consistently at its best. With features like shock valves for added system protection and extended life, cut steel gears for longevity, and a charge pump for enhanced performance and durability, these transmissions are engineered to keep the mower running efficiently and reliably.

Quality and performance

The Hustler Fastrak 48″ zero-turn mower is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a partner in the landscaping business. It’s built for those who demand excellence and engineered for those who need reliability. With its powerful Kawasaki engine, durable cutting deck, and robust warranty, the Fastrak 48″ is ready to take on the challenges of commercial landscaping and emerge victorious. For professionals looking to elevate their business, the Hustler Fastrak 48″ is a worthy contender that promises to deliver quality, performance, and peace of mind.

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Image: Hustler mowers


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