Pellenc: the pioneer in using lithium-ion technology

At the heart of the Pellenc battery, the lithium ion cell was chosen more than 15 years ago for its available energy capacity and service life.

Combined with a high-performance electronic control, Pellenc battery delivers exceptional run time and long service life. Pellenc also uses weldless technology in cell assembly to build a long lasting battery, warrantied three years commercially.

Three batteries with breathtaking productivity
ULiB 1200 and 1500 batteries allow the user to work for up to three full days without recharging. Their PELLENC patented design includes a natural ventilation system for cooling and software that enables continuous delivery of a higher level of power. They are ideal for long periods of mowing, blowing and line trimming / brush cutting.

A real innovation in terms of technology, ergonomics, and safety, the ULiB 750 battery is slim, compact, and light with an unrivalled power-to-weight ratio. It will be your trusted partner for all your trimming jobs.

All Pellenc ULIB batteries provide real time data and are rated IP54 against dust and water ingress. They can therefore be used in all weather conditions.

Sustainable solutions to maintain green spaces and urban environments
PELLENC offer clean solutions to the challenges of the energy transition with battery powered equipment which significantly cuts down on the noise pollution, CO² emissions, and vibrations. Pellenc batteries are 80 per cent recyclable.

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