Pellenc Rasion 2 Self Propelled Mower

French company Pellenc are among the world’s leaders in lithium-ion battery and brushless electric motor developers and manufacturers. I first tested their products over 10 years ago and they were exceptional and well ahead of their time back then, so I was excited to get a hold of the new Pellenc Rasion 2 mower. Pellenc tools have some of, if not the longest runtimes on the market, which is a major issue with battery operated tools in the commercial environment.

The Pellenc Rasion 2 is certainly a different looking mower to both its battery powered rivals and conventional petrol powered machines. A massive amount of development has gone into this machine and it shows with an exceptionally strong, lightweight, quiet and easy to operate unit.

Pellenc’s own 1600W motor powers the Rasion 2, which is a large upgrade from its predecessor that was fitted with an 1100W motor. The 1600W motor combined with a 60cm cut and three blade speeds ensure this machine rivals its petrol powered commercial opposition in both efficiency and quality. The mower I used had been fitted with an optional extra in an infrared sensor (ICC) mounted on the front of the deck. This amazing sensor determines the density of the grass about to be cut and automatically adjusts the blade speed rotation accordingly, up to 5000 RPM, saving time and conserving battery life.

Battery life is a major issue with these types of machines in commercial applications and the Rasion 2 has an exceptional life of up to five hours, which I think makes it one of the most attractive machines of this type available.

A perfect neat cut was achieved with two synchronised bar blades whilst both catching and mulching with the grass compacting well into the 70-litre capacity bag. Should the machine clog up in wet, long grass conditions, which I couldn’t get it to do, there is an ‘anti-jam’ system. The operator only needs to tilt the front wheels slightly, taking the weight off them, and the blades automatically reverse rotation to expel the built-up grass. The mower is IP54 rated meaning it can cope with all extreme weather conditions from dust to rain, so no excuses for not mowing.

Whilst operating the mower I could not believe how easy it was to use, virtually no effort is needed, which is a far cry from petrol powered commercial machines. It is so light it barely needs self-propulsion and turning/manoeuvring is effortless thanks to the front wheels. The front wheels are castor type, which can be set so they lock in when the mower is being pushed straight, but then automatically release to swivel whilst turning making it the easiest to manoeuvre of any walk behind mower I have operated.

Cutting height adjustment is also one of the best I have come across. It is a simple lock-in lever on the front, which is easily moved to the desired position. There is virtually no vibration felt whilst operating with vibration levels over six times lower than a petrol powered machine. Noise levels are also exceptionally low, even for a battery machine thanks to Pellenc’s low-noise brushless wheel motors, which at maximum power only put out 93dB.

The large volume machine surprisingly compacts to a small package for transport or storage and even stands upright, which makes cleaning the undercarriage a simple task. I have to admit the Pellenc Rasion 2 mower is my favourite of the battery powered walk behind mowers I have used. Its combination of quality, efficiency and ease of use make it a pleasure to operate and its features, such as ICC and lengthy run time, make it a leader in the commercial battery powered landscape maintenance arena. I think the price is reasonable for a mower of its calibre at $2300 plus GST. Pellenc back the Rasion 2 with an unrivalled commercial warranty of three years.

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