Pellenc Rasion 2 Mower

The new generation battery-powered mower that will make petrol mowers a thing of the past.

PELLENC is a French manufacturer that excels in battery-powered tools for maintaining green spaces and urban environments. Now, PELLENC presents its new, more efficient, and even quieter version of its fully battery-powered mower for professional use.

More power and precision
Very easy to handle with its tubular aluminium frame and two front swivel wheels, Rasion 2 mows with two high-strength counterrotating blades, which make the cut ultraprecise. Its automatic unblocking system allows for continuous mowing, while its highperformance lithium-ion batteries provide up to 5 hours of uninterrupted mowing.

Gentler for people and the environment
The Rasion 2 electric mower runs with zero direct CO² emissions and a remarkably low level of noise. Its brand new direct-drive brushless rear wheel motor emits only 93 dB at maximum power. That means you can work in populated areas at any time of day without disturbing the peace and quiet of the people nearby.

Two versions to choose from:
• Rasion 2 “Easy”: self-propelled mower with manual cutting height adjustment.
• Rasion 2 “Smart”: self-propelled mower with automatic cutting height adjustment from the electronic control panel.

“When I started mowing lawns in 2017 I used the Honda 216 and Rover Procut mowers. After trialling a ‘Rasion 2 Easy’ for a week I was hooked.

“For us the Rasion 2 Easy lives up to its name. No more sore shoulders from pull starting a petrol mower. The battery lasts all day, which means one less thing to monitor. It’s so quiet customers don’t even realise we are mowing the lawn. With a multiple year warranty I feel secure that we are covered if anything goes wrong. It is also faster than our petrol mowers because its cutting path is 30% wider. Of course, all these benefits come at a higher upfront cost but that extra cost has been easily offset by no breakdowns, getting more work done in the same amount of time, and removing our liquid fuel costs.

“We don’t have to wrestle with this mower, we just go with the flow.”

Pellenc at a glance Founded in 1973 by Roger Pellenc, the PELLENC Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for commercial winegrowers, fruit growers, and professionals responsible for maintaining green spaces and urban environments. PELLENC currently has 1917 employees, 20 subsidiaries, 7 manufacturing facilities in France and abroad, an R&D centre with nearly 200 engineers, nearly 2000 distributors, and more than 500,000 customers worldwide for a total turnover of €306 million in 2021.

The group continues to grow thanks to a policy of constant innovation, offering its professional customers high-performance machines at the cutting edge of technology. That strategy has led PELLENC to register more than 1300 patents.

PELLENC Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PELLENC group.

PELLENC Australia is the first subsidiary of the group and was established more than 30 years ago on the 25th of November 1991. Today it has two sites; Regency Park in South Australia and Campbellfield in Victoria, along with a network of dealers in most Australian states.

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