A new generation of high-performance, quiet electric lawnmowers with extended battery-life

PELLENC, expert in battery-powered tools for landscaping, has developed a range of lawnmowers for professionals.

PELLENC is pleased to present two new electric models, RASION 2 EASY and RASION 2 SMART. More than ever, thanks to their optimised technologies, these models meet users’ needs in terms of working comfort and efficiency. Delivering performance levels equivalent to those of traditional petrol-engine mowers, the PELLENC range of mowers offers extended battery-life, zero direct CO2 emissions, and particularly low noise levels.

Easy To Operate And Silent

As they run with minimal noise and fumes, RASION 2 EASY and RASION 2 SMART allow professional users to work in noise-sensitive populated areas at any time of day. Their new direct-drive brushless rear wheel motor makes them even quieter. Self-propelled and lightweight, at less than 30kg, these mowers also have a very low vibration rate of 0.7 m/s2 and two single front wheels providing greater stability.

Consistent Great Cut, “Zero Turn” And Anti-Jamming

The user can set and adjust the desired speed and height on the electronic display (with RASION 2 SMART) or via push button controls (with RASION 2 EASY) to obtain a consistent great cut every time. Equipped with the zero turn system, these mowers allow precise manoeuvring with their non-slip and grip-treaded wheels. The automatic jam clearing system reverses the rotation of the blades to enable continuous mowing.

This action removes excess grass from the deck without the need to stop the machine and clear the blockage manually.

LED Technology And Battery Autonomy

The new IMS (insulated metallic substrate) circuit board, based on LED technology, means that RASION 2 EASY and RASION 2 SMART can manage power spikes on intensive work sites. And with their PELLENC lithium-ion batteries they can deliver optimal performance for up to five hours on a single charge.

Bruno Jargeaix, Director of the Group’s GCT division: “We listened to professionals describe their working methods and habits, then we redesigned the RASION range and made all the necessary improvements to enhance their comfort and efficiency.

With these new, quiet electric mowers, the Group is also using its talent for innovation to produce environmentally friendly tools at the cutting edge of technology.”

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