Pellenc Prunion and Prunion Pole

The pruning shears for precision, user comfort and unrivalled battery power

Designed to optimise pruning work, the Prunion pruning shears bring together precision and user comfort. Its blade opening of 67mm, various operating modes and long-life battery make it a particularly productive tool. Its lightweight body and ergonomic design make it very easy to handle.

Greater Freedom with PRUNION

Prunion’s ability to cut up to 45mm in diameter (for a blade opening of 67mm), makes these pruning shears a tool that can function in any type of environment. Designed for pruning all varieties of trees, it cuts small branches just as effectively as larger ones. In fact, the four operating modes that the Prunion offers (‘high-performance’, ‘economy/comfort’, ‘on/off’, and ‘gradual’) were created to adapt to your typical pruning needs.

New P100, P150 and P200 PRUNION Pole

The new PRUNION pole pruning shears allow you to prune trees up to 4m in height with enough battery autonomy for a full day. Pellenc technology and innovation permits switching from PRUNION handpiece to pole configuration in less than 1 minute and without requiring tools.

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