Pellenc HELION 2 COMPACT Hedge Trimmer

Pellenc was the first company to produce electric pruning shears back in 1987 and was also the first manufacturer in the world to use Lithium-ion battery technology with handheld tools.

The company is renowned for producing exceptional quality commercial gear.

I first had the pleasure of using Pellenc equipment in 2009 when the company released a range of landscape maintenance equipment in Australia, which we started reviewing way back then so needless to say I was excited to see one of Pellenc’s new products.


The HELION 2 COMPACT hedge trimmer I tested has a 630mm cutting blade setup, which has an excellent all-round length. Different cutting blade lengths are available that are quick to change with only three bolts ensuring changes in less than one minute. A solid plastic and easy-to-install blade cover is a welcome change to some of the flimsy lightweight covers that have to be wrestled with to install on other machines. Many times with conventional petrol-powered hedgers I have had the blades jam with thick vegetation, which is hard to remove and causes injuries. Pellenc has an anti-locking system that automatically reverses the engine should this occur, which frees the object for easy, safe removal.

The hedger weighs only 3.5kg with the 630mm cutting bar so using this machine for long periods of time is a pleasure compared to equivalent petrol hedgers that are heavier. It is fitted with a rear swivel handle that moves in 45˚ increments over five positions allowing easy hedging of sides and tops of shrubs. Quite often hedgers have a solid handle, which is great for pruning tops of hedges but makes trimming sides a more difficult task than it should be. I think the swivel handle is a must and a rarity in battery-powered equipment.


Another standout feature is the variable speed of the blades, which is changed easily by pressing a button on top of the rear handle. There are four speeds from 3200 to 3800 strokes/minute and they can be set to different levels depending on the material being cut and to conserve the battery. There is an additional safety trigger on the front handle, which is depressed while holding the handle during cutting. This is a great added safety feature that will stop the tool’s operation if your front hand that is guiding the tool happens to slip off or become dislodged. This is a feature I have not yet seen on conventional petrol-powered equipment.


The advantages of not having to stop and refuel, breathing in two-stroke fumes or wearing uncomfortable hearing protection is a pleasant experience compared to conventional machines. Runtimes are always a key factor with battery-powered equipment, especially when used commercially. Pellenc gear has the longest runtimes of any battery-powered tools I have used and with a choice of battery sizes it is possible to last a full workday. This enables a contractor to complete a day’s work, charge the battery overnight and be ready for the next day. A charge indicator is located on the side of the battery for monitoring the remaining power levels. The battery slots into the back pack with ease and the backpack is extremely comfortable to wear because it is padded with multiple adjustments.

Tool changes or removal/install of the power supply are simple with a quick push-in connector system.


Pellenc has overcome the most challenging obstacle of battery-powered power equipment for professional landscapers, which is runtime. Combined with robust quality tools that perform as well as its petrol-powered rivals it is no surprise that Pellenc is a major player in the battery-powered landscape maintenance tool industry.

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