Pellenc Hedge Trimmer Helion ALPHA

Pellenc Group is a pioneer in the development of machines and equipment for vine and fruit growers. The group is also a leader in battery-powered equipment for the maintenance of gardens.

With innovation at the heart of its development, Pellenc offers equipment that meets the most stringent standards of professional users. The group opted for lithium-ion technology in its batteries based on the energy capacity and longevity that it offers. Pellenc has used its expertise with that technology to develop the ALPHA range of tools with integrated batteries. We are excited to present the latest addition to that range, the Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer.

A hedge trimmer suitable for all types of work
The Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer has been designed to ensure excellent working comfort and optimal results. With its integrated battery, the Helion Alpha is ready to get straight to work.

Its mechanical parts and hedge trimmer blades have been designed to take on any job. The teeth of the Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer blades are 23mm high and open to 33mm, so thick branches are not a problem. There are three cutting speeds to choose from for precision work.

The centre of gravity is positioned to provide perfect balance. As a result, the weight is evenly distributed across the two hands and the hedge trimmer blades are held out to the side. This allows for better posture when working and improved visibility of the work surface.

A counterweight can be clipped on in place of the battery to enable use of ULiB backpack batteries. And with the ALPHA harness, ALPHA integrated batteries can be used as back-up batteries to power other Pellenc tools.

Battery life
With the choice of two different integrated batteries, you can keep working for up to four hours in the case of the 260 battery and up to six hours with the 520 battery. A digital display shows the remaining battery life as a percentage.

The operation of battery equipment in the Pellenc range considerably reduces noise pollution as well as the CO2 inhalation and vibrations that can be caused by conventional petrol tools.

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