Battery-powered leaf blowers

Airion Backpack

Maximum power and comfort is guaranteed with the Airion Backpack, which is recommended for large and demanding worksites.

The first battery-powered backpack leaf blower for professional use, the Airion Backpack delivers unrivalled electric power with remarkably little noise. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable even on long and demanding jobs, while its smart handle lets the user check the remaining battery life at a glance. On your marks, get set, blow!

Airion Backpack features:

• Power: 1455 m3/h airflow and 27N thrust

• Quietness: 10dB less than a petrolfuelled backpack leaf blower

• Endurance: from 40 minutes to 3 hours depending on the battery usage and the intensity of the work

• Comfort: Ten times less vibration than an equivalent petrol-fuelled model.

Testimonial – Roger Bennett at Jim’s Mowing Rostrevor

“The Airion Backpack blower has transformed the way we clear leaves, sticks and rubbish from large commercial carparks. It is just as powerful, much quieter, feels lighter, and has less vibrations than petrol-based options. We use renewable energy to charge the battery so that we are not pumping out pollutants into the air.”


The Airion 3 produces unbeatable lightness and quietness, ECOMMENDED for urban building sites, parks, and gardens.

The AIRION 3 handheld electric leaf blower can be used for hours without putting much strain on the user. While conventional leaf blowers tend to tilt downwards as the air exits, the angled air inlet compensates for that tilting effect, making the AIRION 3 much gentler on the user’s wrist. Its low noise level makes it ideal for use in populated urban areas. The neighbourhood can breathe a sigh of relief and the user no longer needs to wear noise-cancelling headphones!

Airion 3 features:

• Light: weighs just 2.55kg

• Quiet: emits just 79dB of noise

• Powerful: effective thrust of 17.5N

• Comfortable: a perfectly balanced tool.

Testimonial – Laure Fancuillo, chief landscaper at the Sestian Gardens in

“The quietness of the AIRION 3 is simply amazing, especially considering how powerful it is.

In terms of comfort, the harness distributes the weight evenly, putting less strain on the operator. And the quick-release connector lets you easily put down the equipment whenever you need to.”

With PELLENC, whichever type of job you must do, you will have the right leaf blower in your hands. This is great news for all professionals responsible for maintaining urban environments, parks, and gardens. For more information, visit

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